Laminate Veneers

Porcelain Laminates ( Laminate Veneer )
Laminate Veneer porcelain lamina is porcelain leaves that are adhered to the teeth by removing only the minimum material from the front surface of the teeth. (0.3-0.5mm )These thick leaves are specially prepared in desired colors, sizes and forms and are adhered to the front surface of the tooth.

In this method, very little enamel tissue is removed from the tooth, unlike classical porcelain crowns. (protector)is a form of treatment.

Laminate Veneer is very thin, does not contain metal and gives satisfactory results with its light transmittance properties that cannot be distinguished from real teeth.

The application of the procedure is very simple and takes a short time. First, the measurement is taken from the patient. And a sample model study is performed in the laboratory. The patient sees the finishing stage on this model before the teeth are cut. Then the teeth are prepared with a painless process. After the main impression is taken, the temporary veneer is adhered. Thus, the teeth are protected from external influences.

In the laboratory, a model is created according to the final measurement and porcelain laminates are prepared. It is adhered to the teeth with a special technique and a material called adhesive resin. It is not possible to separate the laminates from the tooth as a result of the bonding process. Therefore, it is very resistant to breakage.

Who is Laminate Veneer Applied to?

  • For those who are not satisfied with the shape of their teeth
  • Tooth discoloration in the anterior region (Tetracycline discoloration etc.)Those with gaping teeth
  • In cases where there are large fillings in the front teeth and lack of aesthetic appearance as a result of filling the caries with filling,
  • It is applied to people whose front teeth are broken or worn.
  • It is very easy to provide an aesthetic smile as a result of laminate porcelain applications.

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