Laminate porcelains

Laminate porcelains are very thin ceramic materials used especially in anterior teeth. your teeth
Those who have broken, worn, overlapping teeth that are not satisfied with their shape and color,
It is applied to people who have gaps between teeth called diestema. The most important feature is the anterior teeth.
It is the preparation of the tooth by an average of 0.5 mm abrasion on its surfaces. Hence made
Porcelain is very thin and fragile. However, studies have shown that when trauma comes to the tooth, the tooth
Although it was broken, the laminate porcelain and the tooth did not separate from each other.

Porcelain laminates are adhered to the teeth with a very special technique. So how come it is so fragile and
How does a thin porcelain show such a strong structure? This is where the science-technical-art trio comes into play.
After laminate porcelain is adhered, it shows the same physical properties as tooth enamel. These are your teeth
Abrading, measuring, making and gluing laminates is a very sensitive and meticulous process.
It is valid for porcelain prepared in this way. Otherwise, negative results may be encountered. Today
Laminate porcelain is the last point of dentistry in aesthetics among adhesive and bonding techniques.

In which cases is laminate treatment applied?

Laminate veneers are mainly used to remove color changes and to a certain extent shape.
can be made for correction. The main application areas can be summarized as follows:

In discoloration, advanced antibiotics that do not produce results with methods such as bleaching (teeth whitening),
fluorine etc. in hereditary structure and color disorders in stains,
Connecting split teeth (diastema closure)
Restoration of broken or worn teeth
In the correction of old fillings with discolored and structured
Near-perfect cosmetics for the correction of crooked and crooked teeth (as an orthodontic treatment alternative)
can be an alternative.

What are the advantages of laminate veneer?

Due to bruises, abrasions, fractures or structural abnormalities, confidently
In cases where you cannot smile, it is possible to give your teeth a natural beauty with this method. More
While fillings and full coatings were the only solution in such adverse situations, nowadays laminate
There are new alternatives such as treatment.

The advantages of this new application;

A healthy and natural appearance is achieved with a small intervention.
Just a nail-wide slot in the thread (which may not always be necessary) is sufficient.
They are produced from durable, colorfast and durable materials.
Having the desired aesthetic properties without deteriorating the natural structure of the teeth can only be achieved with laminate veneer.
possible. Either no change is made on the tooth or the result is better with a little correction.
can be made perfect. The amount removed from the tooth is already limited to 0.3-0.7 mm.
Thus, there is no need to cut (reduce) any teeth.
The laboratory stage of treatment is only 3-4 days. However, at the end of this period in smile design
It may take 3-4 weeks for your lips to adapt to your new look. During this adaptation, some
We recommend lip exercises and reading. at the end of this period, it is completely integrated with your face and
You can easily smile with your new teeth, which are definitely not noticed to be artificial.
A copy of your teeth that you are not satisfied with the appearance of, and a design on it.
can be done. that is, before any intervention on your teeth, the change that will be created in your teeth is given to you.
we can show
As the porcelain surfaces will be extremely smooth, it is caused by smoking and similar reasons.
It minimizes staining and tartar formation.
It does not change color with external factors such as coffee, tea, cigarettes.
It is quite fragile in material. However, when fully adhered to enamel, stretching and pulling
resistance against the forces is very high. For example, removing an adhered veneer completely from the tooth.
It is not possible. However, it can be removed from the tooth surface by abrading with diamond burs.
It has high resistance to abrasion.

What are the disadvantages of laminate veneer?

It has advantages over other restorations in terms of health. However, slightly more
It is an expensive system.
It is a delicate technique. It requires a good clinical and laboratory work. This issue should be discussed by the dentist and dental technician.
must have full technical knowledge and artistic ability.

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