It is also known as Laminey, Lamine or Lamina. It is an excellent cosmetic solution for many dental disorders that negatively affect your appearance. It is a form of treatment that aims to eliminate these problems by sticking the layer prepared from porcelain on the anterior teeth, which basically have aesthetic problems in laminate veneers.

In most cases, they are sufficient to give the teeth a natural beauty and a natural function with their solid structure and pristine color. You can smile confidently with laminate veneers. To change your smile and make it more pleasant, laminate veneers may be the ideal solution for you. This procedure, which does not even require anesthesia most of the time, can be an alternative solution to have whiter teeth, close discolorations, and improve your smile.

These veneers made of porcelain are a thin, semi-permeable layer. They are prepared and placed on an existing tooth with perfect fit and precision. A special adhesive is bonded to the front of the tooth and the inside of the veneer. When the process is finished, a perfect fusion is expected.

Advantages of Laminate Porcelain

  • Laminate porcelain has two important advantages.
  1. First, they completely mimic tooth enamel. When light hits the tooth enamel, they absorb the light. It does not reflect back. This is the characteristic feature of tooth enamel. Laminate absorbs light like enamel when light comes in, and the natural color, texture and shine of the enamel are felt.
  2. Another difference is the color invariance. Other bonding materials change color with the tea, coffee, cigarette you drink over time. Since laminate is a type of ceramic and due to the glass particles it contains, the surface color does not change and remains smooth.

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