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Attention deficit is a psychological disorder that can be difficult to diagnose. Attention deficit, which is not at the disease level, is a common condition especially in children. Attention problems come into play in problems at the disease level. The problem, which threatens the academic success and social lives of children, also puts a barrier in front of taking orders. It can be seen that the child who is expected to do something has difficulty in this regard. It should also be known that the attention level of young children is limited to seconds and should never be ignored. Asking children more than they will do can be seen as the biggest source of problems. It would be extremely wrong to put a lack of attention to children who do not know how to play with their peers and cannot stay in a certain game for a long time.

Which Children Have Attention Deficit More?

It has been proven by scientific studies that the problem of hyperactivity, which is seen due to attention deficit, mostly affects boys.

* Inadequate attachment mechanisms to the mother and

Excess testosterone hormone can cause these problems.

It is extremely important to approach such children carefully, not only at home but also at school, to know their problems and to behave accordingly. These children, who may also have problems in learning, can easily return to their normal lives with simple precautions to be taken. The first thing to do is to accept the situation. In order for the process to work correctly, it is obligatory to get approval from specialist physicians and to perform applications as they recommend. Monitoring the general condition of children who are restless in games that require concentration and in paperwork will provide advantages in terms of early diagnosis.

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It cannot be guaranteed that individuals who have not experienced attention deficit in their childhood will not encounter this problem in their youth. In untreated processes, the problem may not only shake school life, but also work life and bilateral relations. The problem can be detected more easily in children who make easy mistakes, complete their work carelessly, fail in tasks that require long-term attention, switch from one game to another at frequent intervals, and are not satisfied here, unable to keep the conversation in mind and do daily activities in a timely manner. Attention deficit generally occurs up to the age of 7 years.

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