Labor in working life

Labor in Working Life
The subject of the article:
Changes in the structure of employment and production in working life
It is evaluated in contexts and causes discussion within the framework of new concepts.
The most important of these concepts is emotional labor. Especially service sector development and customer
Emotional labor, which came to the fore with focus on
and to use not only their mental effort, but also their emotions as the job requires and
It means that employers should also make such a request directly.
If the article needs to be examined with an example case; Let’s take a firm named A.
The company is a subcontractor company serving as the call center of the inditex group.
The call center has only 3 managers. Serving the inditex group for 6 years, this
The majority of the company’s employees are women. Among the employees, it is 9 years for the sector and 4 years for Company A.
Ayşe Hanım, the customer representative who provides service, and 3 managers were hired as a supervisor.
and the “emotional labor” phenomenon with the dialogue between Mr.
Ms. Ayşe, she establishes close relations with her customers and fulfills their business requirements.
Mehmet Bey, the newly hired supervisor, also makes a lot of effort to bring
She is responsible for the quality of the calls and the questions of the employees. Ayşe Hanım is one of the customer brands.
In a dispute with someone, he tells his managers about the negative information about the company.
Their managers also tell Ayşe Hanım to deal with Mehmet Bey. Ayşe
After the lady collects all the information again, she enters the meeting with Mr. Mehmet. Mr Mehmet,
First of all, about the fact that Ms. Ayşe might not have given enough attention and effort to her customer.
by asking a few questions and then saying that this is not the way the job will be done, if he doesn’t try harder, he will lose the brand.
He has already warned that he will lose. Ms. Ayşe also; ” I worked before company A.
This brand was also my customer in the company. I have been closely interested in them for 9 years. The brand,
more likely to work with another call center due to the firm’s pricing policy
The call center does not make the pricing here.
I have communicated this and what will be the pricing of the company’s finance department, the continuity will be
They will make their decision accordingly. I have completed all the steps professionally.
If you have a different expectation from our team, you can let us know.”
By completing the
commitment, professional approach, defenses and “emotion” and in total 9 with the same brand.
In every situation experienced in his annual adventure, the concept of “emotional labor” is always the most effective factor.
stated that.

The article I promoted was titled “Emotional Labor in Work Life”.
emotional commitment of each individual to their work, apart from their physical and mental efforts.
The most important of the points discussed in this article that I introduced
emotional bond is the emotional points fed to the job. Emotional labor is important in many areas in human life
While there is a concept of emotional labor that a person spends even on himself, ownership
that he will show emotional labor to all types of relationships that he wants and wants to belong to.
Emotional labor is a “management” because it qualifies the internality of the work done.
Emotional labor, emotion
It is a requirement that all subordinates and superiors should know in the business world in order to raise awareness about the
As long as emotional labor exists, the motivational reward of the labor given to the work
We can watch it in an undeniable extent.
How intrinsic is the value given to the job, that’s it, it’s mine! ‘looking from the point of view of the work done
and increases the quality of their feedback. The greatest awareness that the article gives at this point
if; the person internalizes the work he/she gives emotional labor so much, and thus his efficiency.
Because he finds himself at work. The biggest of my awareness is the emotional given.
the inseparable trio of being committed to that job and being a whole with the increase of labor.
The biggest source of motivation is deep, which is expressed as emotional effort.
adapting behavior and internal emotions to the emotions that need to be displayed
A high level of empathy in a company where emotional effort is made.
There is a sense of customer satisfaction and
The increase in company revenues is also the result of emotional labor awareness.
In the concept of emotional labor in sectors that require human relations, the emotions of employees
We observe that he also exhibits his body language by putting it into behaviors.
It’s normal for us to notice.
Gossip and Rumor topic of the week:
Why are rumors used in organizations?
What should be done to reduce the negative effects of referenced rumors?
Rumors in organizations; information about other people in the group, direct communication with them.
They may need it so that they don’t have to learn by setting up. Gossip and rumors group
to create a social network, to gain social status, to have power and prestige
to be, to have a place in the emerging social networks and to maintain it, within the hierarchical system
in order to learn the decisions of subordinates and superiors and to use these decisions for good or bad.

People in the group gossip and rumors, the prestige they have gained.
Thanks to this, they were in the position of experts and believed that knowledge was power.
to reduce the negative effects of rumors, managers to take into account some issues
For example, those who constantly share information with their employees are incompatible, unfair or confidential.
Everything that can be thought of as a support for gossip and rumors, that is, does not create clarity.
A manager who shares all kinds of information, decisions and events with his employees
It has both prevented unfounded information and made each of its employees a valuable part of the team.
When any gossip and rumors occur, you should tell your manager more.
Calm, respectful and problem-solving employee who aggressively goes to report this rumor
The manager, who listens and takes into consideration, is also called by his employees as “the only correct information”.
Listen to the rumors that can be seen as “the source of
Sincerely sharing their concerns, thoughts, and advice from their subordinates.
management, employees and hierarchical system that encourages them to
Managers who give a chance to criticize, gossip and rumors, in fact, this situation.
to a large extent, by standing by or receiving honest criticism from those who can
will have prevented. Lack of information, distrust and not allowing contradictions are the main goals of the managers.
should be a few of their duties and features.
It will be prevented from coming out due to its lack, and if there is insecurity or
If people have gaps that may cause conflict, this situation means that they “hear or
It will lead you to the position of believing in everything that is predicted.
managers stated that the superior-subordinate relations are very clear and clean since the recruitment.
This is because he is a trustworthy manager in the rumors that may arise.
situations must be avoided.
Nepotism in organizations in management; nepotism, known as nepotism,
favoritism cronyism, political favoritism patronage, service favoritism and sexual
It is handled as favoritism. Nepotism practices in management from past to present
People, with the hierarchical system that has existed in the business world since the past
Due to the hierarchical system, in recruitment, applied
managers of departments and recruitment of human resources department
In the practices of favoritism in management, employers are relatives, co-friends,
can act in line with political affinity, service or sexual interests.
In recruitments, the internal health of the organization is at risk, unsuitable but recruited in line with the interests
Due to the candidates, the integrity of the organization has been disrupted and it is not possible to progress in line with the needs.

Rather, it was considered normal for inefficient employees to drag the organization in a negative direction.
In this process, which is evaluated in terms of
acting in line with it, favoring people who are familiar or to whom it will benefit,
initiates and continues the cycle. When other employees of the organization realize this discrimination
In this case, the employer may lose their qualified personnel,
can be disintegrated and in the organization, job description-worker mismatch, recruitment made in line with interest
In the long run, the employer has lost specific human capital.
In its effect on organizational health, the term ‘health’ refers to the functions of a living organism.
Organizational health is the job-worker that the manager favors.
incompatibility and loss of qualified personnel can disrupt the functions of the term health.
organizational health, organizational requirements and these requirements, in the sense of fulfilling
people who can afford it, fit for the job, selected for their suitability rather than favor
it integrates. For example; by revealing the strengths and weaknesses of an organization,
striving to provide more resources for aspects and to develop weaknesses
Teams were recruited for the purposes of suitability and business development, not favored.
a worker hired by doing, unskilled or less skilled than the organization demands
Taking someone who owns it means that the operation in this example is kind of the biggest part of the organization.
means experiencing one of the losses. Considering the health of the organization;
the need to create cooperation, unfortunately, despite the favored workers, the organization’s
by other employees, due to unfair distribution
Thus, employees could not protect themselves from conflict and insecurity.
will be.

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