labiaplasty surgery

Small Lip Reshaping Operation
The labia minora (labium minus), found in the female external genitalia, are thin skin folds extending between the large lips. It is a homologue of the skin of the penis in males.
Small lips may droop unilaterally or bilaterally in some girls, depending on the estrogen released during adolescence. This situation does not pose a medical danger, but it can cause discomfort due to stretching during intercourse as well as aesthetically.
With the labiaplasty operation, which is one of the aesthetic surgeries of the genitals, abnormally large, long, asymmetrical, thick, drooping small lips are reshaped. It is an operation that takes approximately one hour under local or general anesthesia and sterile conditions. This operation can be easily applied to virgins as well. It never harms the hymen. The operation is not understood by others.
Preparation for Labiaplasty Operation
– A few days before the surgery, the genital area hair should be cleaned.
If possible, smoking should be avoided 2-3 weeks before the surgery.
-Aspirin and NSAIDs should be discontinued 1-2 weeks before the surgery.
-Protective antibiotics should be started before the operation.
Before the operation, detailed information is given about the current shape of the labia minora and the new shape they will gain after the operation, and the consent of the person who will undergo labiaplasty is obtained. If necessary, a picture of this area is taken before the operation.
Labiaplasty Operation
The patient is placed on the gynecological table. The tissue to be removed is marked. Various techniques are used in the surgery (we use the least surgical scar. wedge resection We use the technique, when wedge resection is performed, sensation loss and scarring, which are very important in sexual intercourse, do not occur). Local anesthetic is injected under the skin. Stained with Betadine and covered with sterile drapes. Excess tissue from the labium minor is removed using the most appropriate resection technique for the patient. In the labiaplasty operation, the suture material that does not irritate the tissue, does not leave traces on the tissue and is compatible with wound healing should be determined meticulously by the doctor. In addition, the diameter, shape and length of the needle of this suture material should be specially selected.
First, the submucosal tissues are approximated with individual sutures, and then the free edges are vertical mattress suture technique is approximated. During the closure of the free edges in the labiaplasty operation, the outermost part running suture should not be discarded, otherwise the healed edges will be scalloped like scallops. Bleeding is controlled. Antibiotic-containing pomades are applied along the suture line and closed with sterile gas. In this operation, self-melting sutures are used. No dressing is required.
Care After Labiaplasty Operation
After the operation, a photograph can be given to the patient upon request.
Oral pain relievers are given.
Antibiotic creams are recommended to prevent infection.
– Extreme care should be taken in the cleanliness of this area.
Movements such as stretching, bending and lifting weights that may cause bleeding are prohibited for a week.
There may be burning and swelling in the operation area. Applying intermittent ice on the day of the surgery and keeping the hips slightly elevated while lying down for a few days prevents swelling and edema. This will go away in a couple of weeks.
-Three days after the surgery, sitz baths with hot water can be started twice a day to reduce pain and accelerate recovery.
– It is forbidden to ride a bicycle or a horse for six weeks.
-The sutures dissolve spontaneously.
-After one month, control is recommended. If the operation site has healed, sexual intercourse can be resumed.
Immediately after this operation, patients return to their daily life. Stitches heal in about a week to ten days. No seam marks are visible.
Clitoral Hood repair
clitoral hood is the piece of skin that covers the glans clitoris. If this piece of skin is long, drooping, asymmetrical and it is uncomfortable, this situation can be corrected aesthetically.
If the clitoris is very prominent and the skin above it is saggy (clitoral hood) during labiaplasty, this situation can also be corrected. If there is a clitoral hood, this part can be suspended on the fascia of the pubic bone. This process is called clitoral hood reduction. If the excess sagging skin on the clitoris is removed, the sensation of sexual intercourse will be better. However, the amount of tissue to be removed must be carefully adjusted. Removing more tissue than necessary causes the clitoris tip to be constantly exposed.
Creams such as Bepanthen or creams that prevent scar formation can also be given after the procedure.
The technique of clitoral hood reduction operation varies according to the excess sagging tissue. Mostly, the triangle-shaped part removal technique and the crescent-shaped part removal technique are used.
Triangle technique: If the clitoral hood is excessive and drooping on one or both sides, after wedge resection during the labiaplasty procedure, the skin piece should be removed separately, in the form of a small triangle curved laterally and forward, towards the clitoral hood, which is excessively upwards from the labium minor lateral face. . Thus, if this procedure is done unilaterally to the clitoris, this side will take the same shape as the other side and the clitoris will become symmetrical. If the clitoris is large and drooping symmetrically, the same procedure should be done on both sides.
Crescent technique: With this technique, unnecessary excess clitoral hood tissue is removed in a crescent shape. It is closed in two layers with suitable sutures. The patient should be informed that there may be a slight risk of numbness in such an operation. But this risk is small because the clitoris nerves are deeply embedded.

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