Labiaplasty and genital plastic surgeries


Shrink small lips

Deformities in the genital shadow may be present from birth or may develop later on for various reasons (birth, accident, etc.). can also reveal.

Female external genital organs, the hairy upper part under the navel, which we call mons pubis, labia major hairy outer lips, labia minor hairless inner lips, the upper junction of the clitoris labia minors, the hymen, which we call the hymen, is the membranous layer at the vaginal entrance. In some young women, some of these external anatomical structures may be found underdeveloped, underdeveloped, asymmetrically developed or overdeveloped. As a woman gets to know her own body, these differences in her genital area can create problems for her. In the first sexual intercourse, bleeding in the rupture of the hymen called the hymen does not occur in a type of congenital hymen, which we call congenital, and the situation can sometimes pose a problem for both that young woman and her husband. For this reason, the woman who has reached the sexual maturity period should get to know her external genital system by having a routine examination before starting an active sexual life.


One of the most common genital aesthetic problems is the size of the outer and inner lips and sagging. The inner labia (labia minor) form the curved structures that extend from the upper part of the clitoris to the bottom of the vaginal entrance. In some women, it is considered natural for the inner lips to overflow a little from the outer lips. However, although the length of the outer lips hanging from the outer lips does not pose a medical problem, it distorts the aesthetic appearance and pushes the woman to seek a solution. Sometimes the labia majora (labium majus) may be structurally longer, larger or asymmetrical than normal. In this case, the labia may be stretched by the push of the penis during sexual intercourse and this may cause pain. For all these reasons, the labia can be reduced to their normal size with therapeutic and cosmetic surgery. Asymmetry – if any – can be eliminated. Labiaplasty operation can also be applied to people who have not given birth before. Even if it is done on virgin girls, it will not cause any problems in terms of the hymen.

In the procedure, which takes 30-40 minutes under local or general anesthesia, there is no problem of suture removal as dissolving sutures are used. This surgery does not harm the hymen, it does not cause any harm or hindrance to sexual intercourse, orgasm, conception and childbirth. After the operation, there is no problem with urination, there is no excessive pain and burning in the operation area. Wound healing is completed in a week. You can have sexual intercourse 3-4 weeks after the operation. From the outside, the surgical scar is not noticeable. You can take a shower after 2 days.

Narrowing of the vagina

Another genital aesthetic problem is the width of the vagina. This situation prevents women from getting enough pleasure during sexual intercourse. Moreover, the problem does not end there; women may also face health problems such as urinary incontinence due to their enlarged vaginas. Vaginal enlargement causes; Genetically, some women may normally have a large vagina. Excess intercourse, abortion, birth, large baby at birth, tears that are not repaired properly after birth or opening in postpartum sutures, loss of elasticity in the vagina with advancing age cause enlargement and loosening in the vagina.

Sometimes, some unpleasant sounds may come from inside the vagina at the time of sexual intercourse. In this case, if the vagina is wider than it should be, the problem can be resolved by narrowing it.

Sometimes, vaginal tightening surgeries can be performed in women who have not given birth before, or even single women, in order to increase sexual pleasure.

Along with the vaginal width, sagging towards the vagina usually occurs in the urinary bladder and intestines. Sagging in the urinary bag, urinary incontinence, urgency, etc. may present such problems. Vaginal enlargement also prevents normal watering of the vagina during intercourse and increases the problem. As a result, the vagina relaxes, its inner – outer width increases and sexual pleasure decreases. The relaxation on the walls will also reduce the sexual pleasure of the man who is the sexual partner. Surgically, the vaginal canal is narrowed and the loosened muscle structures are corrected.

Urine bag and bladder prolapse operations

Urinary bladder is an anatomical problem that occurs after birth, especially in those who have given birth to large babies or those who have given multiple births, causing complaints of urinary incontinence and negatively affecting daily life.

Hanging the urine bag up by entering through the vagina Colporaphy anterior” (preliminary repair), operations of embedding the last part of the intestine into the lower wall of the vagina “ Colporaphy posterior” (back repair) operations.
The procedure can be performed mostly under general anesthesia and sometimes under epidural anesthesia. Depending on the type of procedure to be performed, the operation usually takes between 15-30 minutes and patients can return to their normal lives within a few days.

Often, the patient needs to stay in the hospital for one day after the operation. Sometimes, after the surgery in the morning, the patient can be sent home the same evening.
After the surgery, sexual life can start again after 15-20 days.

Removal of episiotomy scars

An episiotomy is an incision made during normal birth to make a smooth incision without protruding the baby’s head, and to widen the vaginal outlet. This incision is repaired by suturing immediately after birth. Sometimes, painful intercourse or sexual dissatisfaction may occur due to poorly healed episiotomy scars. Here, the existing scar tissue is removed under local or general anesthesia and sutured again aesthetically with suture materials that do not cause a reaction in the wound area. At the same time, vaginal tears that develop due to childbirth are also corrected.

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