Kids Master Tutorial Game

The game ; Although it may seem like a simple or two syllable that comes out of our mouth, we should not forget that he is a master teacher of childhood. Because from the first moment a child is born, he tries to understand life through play. As Montaigne said, “a child’s most serious occupation is play, and his most important work is also play”…

“You Can Support Your Child’s Development With Play”

Thanks to the game, which is a fun learning tool for the child, you can support your child’s social-emotional, mental, physical and language development.

Social-Emotional Development: The child, who tries to learn what is going on around him, starts to make sense of life thanks to the game. In this game world, where he expresses himself freely and built himself, he easily reflects his feelings to the game. For example, a 3-year-old child “mom”can rehearse everyday life and try to understand the emotions of others by playing the role of house play.

Mental development: The child, who uses all his sense organs through play, discovers what is going on around him, recognizes and gains an experience from it. For example, you can support the mental development of a 4-month-old baby with a rattle that you shake repeatedly. Here, the baby first aims to reach the rattle in your hand, then grabs it and shakes it to make a sound. Thus, the baby learns the cause-effect relationship after a repetitive process.

Physical Development : Physical development, which is thought to affect almost all of human life, is undoubtedly very important in the 0-12 age period when its development is the fastest. The child, who passes these periods in a healthy way, creates solid foundations for the next years of his life. Therefore, you should not forget to support the physical development of your child during the most sensitive periods of his development. For example, you can support a 2-year-old child’s physical development by playing ball games (tossing the ball to each other, hitting the ball with his feet, etc.).

Language development : Language, which is one of the most important tools of communication, is very important like other areas of development. Language development, which first develops in a receptive and then expressive way, has an important place in the child’s play. Completely free in his game, the child expands his vocabulary with “why-why” questions. In this way, children better understand what is told through games and express themselves better. For example, you can play the “Word Generating Game” (Find an item that starts with the letter A; ‘scarf’ etc.) with your child without needing any materials.

“Parents Attention!”

  • When buying toys for your child, you should choose toys that support development and are appropriate for their age. Remember! Not every toy is educational.

  • You can shape a quality time and emotional satisfaction with your child through play.

  • Children actually explain themselves through games. This way, you get to know your child better.

  • You can observe your child’s abilities and limits in games where their imagination is active.

In summary, you should provide opportunities for your child to enjoy these most special periods of their lives by not interfering with their games and giving them the opportunity to play new games.

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