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Due to the increasing obesity nowadays, various diets have become popular from time to time. Contrary to popular belief, the Ketogenic Diet, whose name we have heard often lately, is not a newly emerged diet model. This diet, which has been in existence since the 1920s, has been used as a diet to reduce the frequency of attacks in epilepsy patients, especially in children. Today, unlike the purpose of its emergence, it has become a diet that people who want to lose weight have started to apply.

Basically the ketogenic diet; It is a diet model in which the intake of carbohydrates with foods is reduced and the intake of fat is increased. It is consumed as needed without any change in the amount of protein in the daily diet. It is aimed to close the remaining calorie deficit with the fat ratio by minimizing the carbohydrate intake with the diet and to activate the fat metabolism that comes into play after the carbohydrate metabolism so that the body burns fat faster.

When carbohydrates, which are used in the first place for body energy, are taken less with the daily diet, the second order fats are used for energy expenditure. The body, which is fed a small amount of carbohydrates; After emptying the carbohydrate stores in the muscles, it starts to use the adipose tissue as energy, which causes weight gain by being stored in excess in the body. Since the emptying of carbohydrate stores and the start of fat burning vary from person to person, fat burning starts in 3-7 days in a balanced ketogenic diet with nutritional intake rates.

Many of the food groups containing carbohydrates are excluded from the diet so that the carbohydrate metabolism does not come into play again. In the diet, a large part of cereal groups such as rice, pasta, bread, legumes, dairy products, fruits and vegetables are excluded from the diet on a daily basis.

Since most of the nutrients are restricted in diet, it is very difficult for individuals to apply and be sustainable. It is not recommended to be applied by pregnant women, nursing mothers, diabetic patients.

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