Ketogenic Diet

Health is the most important issue that we should not be deceived by the deception that every popular and widely spoken thing is the best for us. The ketogenic diet, which hundreds of people search for every day on search engines, see and apply in magazines and newspapers, is actually a diet containing high amount of fat, low amount of carbohydrates and sufficient amount of protein. is a form of nutrition. The ketogenic diet, with its limited carbohydrate content, immediately managed to attract the attention of those who see carbohydrates as the reason for weight gain. And not only that, but the focus on weight loss ‘the number at the beginning of the weight lost in a week’He quickly made love to those of us thanks to his success in rapid weight loss.

The pandemic period we are in has hit us in the face, albeit a little hard, that having strong immunity, being healthy is much more important than our body type and our image in the mirror. Not only that, he reminded us again that the reflection of the plate in front of us is not just the value we see on the scale, but is directly related to the concept of ‘being healthy’. For this reason, let’s get away from the number at the beginning of the weight we will lose in a week and examine a little bit about losing weight with the ketogenic diet in every aspect.

Before moving on to the answers we have compiled from scientific sources, it is useful to underline that the ketogenic diet is actually a treatment method and that it should be applied under the control of a specialist in weight management, planned and followed regularly, otherwise the weight lost may come back to us as a problem in our liver, kidneys and even bones!

So what happens after we start to eat low-carbohydrate, high-fat diet in our body, how do we start to lose weight? Since we do not get enough glucose, the glucose reserves in our body begin to become insufficient after a few days, and this situation is followed by our central nervous system starting to need an alternative energy source. From here on, ketone bodies, our new energy source, begin to form. An important hypothesis for the efficacy of the ketogenic diet is that a significant loss of energy occurs through the excretion of these ketone bodies. We say yes, because the weight loss mechanism of the ketogenic diet, whose success in weight loss has been supported by scientific studies in a short time, is still not clear. However, what is known is that the formed ketone bodies directly suppress our appetite, helping us to control appetite. We begin to metabolize fats, and we turn fat protein into glucose through a process called gluconeogenesis and use it in our metabolism. We get the result we want at the end of these processes and we lose weight! So is this a successful weight loss? In order to answer this question, let’s examine what does successful weight loss mean, if we lose 3 kilos one week and quickly regain that weight the next week, how successful was the weight loss we lost last week? Researchers define successful weight loss as losing at least 10% of body weight and not regaining that weight for one year. Research focuses on the success of the ketogenic diet, suggesting that initial positive results are temporary.

Consensus on the effect of the ketogenic diet on weight management is not yet available. Although the short-term benefits of weight loss are impressive, the long-term association of low-carbohydrate diet with increased mortality should not be overlooked. As a result, the ketogenic diet can help us control our hunger with its effect on appetite control, it can provide us with good results in a short time. Despite the disagreements about its permanence, it is an alternative applied in weight management during the application period ranging from 2-3 weeks to 6-12 months under expert control. However, taking an uncontrolled ketogenic diet for a long time without consulting a specialist due to the mediatic weight loss news may cause us to blink when we say let’s do eyebrows.

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