Jowl and neck surgery

Deformation occurs in the jowl and neck as a result of the anatomical structure, aging, the effect of gravity, loosening of the skin, relaxation of the muscles in the neck and sagging of the adipose tissue.

One of the places where accumulation occurs due to weight gain is the jowl area.

Sometimes this unpleasant appearance can occur even in people with weak bodies due to the anatomical structure. All these disrupt the oval of the face, causing irregular facial features and condemning the person to an old or tired expression. In addition, while the face and body appear healthy and young, the deformed state of the neck and chin creates a dissonance with the general portrait.

The area from the tip of the chin to the neck, called the lower face area, forms an angle close to 90 degrees. The neck, which was considered one of the most difficult areas to intervene in the past, has recently become one of the favorite areas of Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery, thanks to the advances in operation techniques.

Operation Options:

The lubrication on the neck and jowl area can be easily removed with laser liposuction. It offers an ideal solution only for people with fat accumulation and limited skin sagging.

Since sagging of the skin and subcutaneous tissues will accompany in advanced ages, laser liposuction alone may not be sufficient in the treatment. It is necessary to tidy up all sagging structures (neck-face lift).

Sometimes the skin laxity may not be much. In these cases, the neck is suspended with incisions of one or two inches behind the ear, leaving less scars.

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