Jealousy in Children

Jealousy in children can show itself for many reasons, but the important thing is to accept the jealousy of your child and know how to control it and act accordingly. Some parents have a hard time ignoring and accepting their children’s jealousy, and they often do not. For example; From time to time, all of you have heard from parents around you the phrases like “my child has never been jealous of his brother” or “my child is not jealous of anyone” that seem to be imposed on children in a place. Any child can be jealous. These jealousies may be directed towards his sibling, may be in his friend, or may even be jealous of his parents. Sibling jealousy is more common especially in younger age groups. When a new baby joins the family, the jealousy of the older brother or sister may manifest itself before the baby is born, or this jealousy may begin after the baby is born and reaches a certain age. These envy can be caused by many different reasons. Before the baby is born, the parents should prepare them by taking the older brother or sister in front of them, giving them information and explaining the situation. While making this statement, they should definitely say that there will be no decrease or decrease in the love they have for their children. Because jealousy due to this reason manifests itself especially in children in the younger age group. After the baby is born, care should be taken not to disrupt the routines you make with your child. If one of the parents cannot do it, the other should not neglect to spend time with the child. Care should be taken to ensure that these times are of good quality. As long as the time spent is enjoyable for the child, the children will adapt to the new process in this family in a shorter time. If your child goes to kindergarten, kindergarten, etc. If it is going away, start sending it a while after the birth because if you send it right after the birth, it may cause anxiety and distress, thinking that you want to send him/her away from home or that you want to spend more time with the baby.

In addition to sibling jealousy, jealousy may also occur between the child’s friends. Children are sometimes jealous of some of their belongings and do not want to share it with their friends, and are often forced to share them by their parents. This behavior by parents is not a very healthy behavior. Because it is normal for the child not to want to share an important item with his friend. If your child has such an atmosphere in every situation, you should talk to your child by asking the reasons for this situation (without scolding or getting angry, of course), but if this is true for a very few situations, then you should respect your child’s reluctance to share.

We must not forget that every child can be jealous. Jealousy is a normal emotion. The important thing is to inform the children about this jealousy (if it is jealousy of a sibling) and to explain the new family order (because a new member is joining the family, of course, some orders will change). If a peer jealousy is experienced, the reasons for the jealousy must be learned regardless of the reason, but while doing this, it should not be done with questions such as “are you jealous of him?”. Questions should be asked in a way that we can learn more about the reasons.

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