Jealousy is the desire to be placed in a privileged place and the discomfort of another being placed in a privileged place.

When two people develop a close relationship, one or both may become jealous of the other. Jealousy can occur in any type of relationship, but it tends to be more frequent and usually between lovers. Therefore, when we talk about jealousy, the first thing that comes to our mind is sexual jealousy.

Jealousy is not created equal in type and form. Some are truly inevitable and morally harmless, but others are devastating and, like epidemics, to be avoided. However, the explanations about jealousy hardly allow us to distinguish between these two types. Generally, jealousy finds its definition in the second form.

If the desire to be placed in a special place becomes monistic and all-encompassing, one or both sides will experience a suffocating process. The fact that the desire to be placed in a special place changes dimension and becomes monistic and all-encompassing is a situation related to the individual’s fear of inadequacy and loss rather than jealousy alone. It is about the fear of losing the object of attention and love.

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