Jaw Joint Diseases Symptoms and Treatment

Symptoms of jaw joint diseases, which are quite common in the community; The sound coming from the anterior region of the ear is in the form of difficulty in mouth opening, pain and limitation during jaw movements. Although many factors can be counted among the causes of these diseases, the most important one is the overload that comes to the joint that we call trauma. Diagnosis and treatment of these diseases require a multifaceted approach. Following a detailed examination, the diagnosis is reached by using radiological imaging methods. In doubtful cases, consultation with medical doctors is also made. After the diagnosis is made, the causes and duration are emphasized and a treatment plan is made.

In treatment; Many forms of drug therapy, physical therapy and occlusal therapy are used alone or together. Occlusal treatment refers to an appliance called an occlusal splint applied to the mouth and applications for regulating the mutual relations of the teeth and is applied by the dentist. Treatment may require a period of 2 to 6 months. This situation is explained to the patient and followed up at regular intervals.

In addition to the dentist, some patients may need to be referred to medical doctors such as otolaryngologists, physical therapists, and psychiatrists for both diagnosis and treatment.

While the patient’s discomfort may arise from a very simple reason and be easily resolved without progressing, the treatment may become more complicated and problematic for the patient and the physician as the event prolongs and intervention is delayed. On the contrary, while the patient thinks that he has a very serious illness, this may not be a very important finding. For this reason, it is recommended that people who are thought to have jaw joint disease should be evaluated by a specialist physician.

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