Jaw and Cheekbone Aesthetics

With chin and cheekbone aesthetic surgeries, rasping – fat injection or special prostheses
can be done. Which technique will be used is decided by your doctor after a detailed examination.

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Jaw and cheekbone augmentation surgeries with permanent prostheses or fat injections.
can be done. These surgeries provide a younger appearance, facial aesthetics, proportion, congenital
These are surgeries performed to treat the jaw structure disorder. Often encountered

forward chin
The chin appears to be small and adjacent to the neck
chin back
The tip of the jaw is very small and in the form of a point
These are problems such as the chin tip being pointed and long. These problems with chin aesthetic surgery
is resolved.

Jaw aesthetic surgeries can be performed with rasping – fat injection or special prostheses. Which technique
It is decided by your doctor after a detailed examination that it will be used.

With specially prepared prostheses for people with jawbones behind, the jawbone is moved forward and the front
and the proportion of your side profile image is ensured.

With chin aesthetic surgery, the jawbone, which is prominent and prominent, is shortened with special procedures and back.
can be taken and your face proportion is ensured. The special procedure for chin aesthetics defines the anterior jawbone.
cutting and reshaping by following rules and techniques. For this reason, jawbone aesthetics
It is recommended that you eat soft and juicy meals for 2-4 weeks after the surgery.

1 week oral care after chin enhancement or chin reduction surgeries and 2-4
A weekly soft water diet is recommended. Your post-operative edema and bruises
may occur and resolve completely after 10 days.


As a result of excessive weight loss or structurally, the cheekbones lose their clarity and the face
a saggy and tired expression occurs in our region. In order to prevent this, the cheekbones are treated with special prostheses.
You can reshape it in the format you want.

Clarification of the cheekbone after a detailed examination to match your facial features

It is done by choosing the appropriate prosthesis.

Cheekbone clarification can also be achieved with fat injection or synthetic fillings.
can be done. Both of these procedures are non-surgical, painless methods that can be applied locally.

Cheekbone augmentation surgery with a prosthesis is a procedure that takes about 30 minutes. Cheekbone
For the (cheek enhancement) aesthetic surgery, all incisions are made through the mouth and through the mouth of the prosthesis.
is placed. For this reason, there is no visible trace from the outside.

Oral care is important for 1 week after cheekbone augmentation surgery. gargle for it
It is enough to use it and rinse your mouth with plenty of water after each meal. Too much post-surgery
edema or bruising is not expected.

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