In vitro fertilization, medically known as Invitro Fertilization, is a method that has become widespread in the last 15 years, which is applied in infertility cases that cannot conceive naturally and do not respond to simple treatment methods.
It can be applied for many reasons; However, it is mostly applied to women whose tubes are clogged and who have problems in getting the mature egg in the ovaries into the uterus, and men with low sperm count and insufficient viability of the sperm. However, this method is not a method that results in success every time as announced in the media. Even in the best centers and in the most suitable cases, the success rate is around 20-30%. It is a very expensive method. Therefore, it is not a method that should be applied immediately or first in every infertility case. Before this method; In appropriate cases, classical drug and hormone treatments must be tried.

When the ovaries of the female patient are ready for fertilization by forming an egg with drugs; It is based on the technique of placing the fertilized egg into the uterus of the patient with the help of special tools after the first stage of meiosis is completed after the eggs are aspirated from the ovary with the help of different needles, fertilized with the sperm of the spouse under laboratory conditions.


It also has different applications in itself, which are also called microinjection and show similar small differences. In vitro fertilization method is performed in many centers in our country, and the prices vary according to the applications. Excluding medicine, it is around 3000 dollars in Turkey. In the world, it is about 2-3 times more. IVF; It is a method that is applied when there are medical deficiencies of a man or a woman between spouses. The success rate is between 8-13%. One of the male reasons for not having children between spouses is low or no sperm count.

Male defects are tried to be corrected with medical treatment or surgical interventions. On the other hand, if it is not possible to have a child and if the family accepts it, the sperm of others is used.
One of the most common defects in women is clogged tubes. In such cases, at the time of ovulation; The egg and the sperm of the man are combined outside under special conditions and placed into the uterus by injection.
Today, these procedures are carried out in large and organized hospitals such as Ankara, Istanbul, Izmir, and in vitro fertilization centers in Turkey.
If these tasks are not successful the first time, the same procedures are tried a second time.

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