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Microinjection with Selected Sperm with High Microscopic Magnification

In this technique; As a standard, microscopes with more special magnification features are used compared to the microscopes used in IVF treatment. With these microscopes; By examining especially the cytoplasm of the sperm, the deformity and morphology of the sperm can be evaluated, and thus sperm with better morphology can be selected. Since these special microscopes have a magnification of 6000 or more, it is likely that sperm with the best morphology can be selected.

Advantages ; With these special microscopes; Membrane-enclosed spaces called vacuoles in the cell cytoplasm of sperm or some other intracellular structure disorders can be detected. The presence of vacuoles disrupts the regularity of the chromatin of the sperm cell. Therefore; When sperms that do not or least show such disorders are selected and ICSI (microinjection) is performed with these sperms, the rates of embryo attachment to the uterus, implantation and pregnancy increase, and early miscarriages can be reduced. For this reason, IMSI can be tried especially in cases of male factor-male factor and recurrent IVF failures.

The genome of the embryo is a new genetic structure formed after the fusion of egg and sperm. An embryo with a healthy genome is more likely to reach the blastocyst (day 5-6 embryo) stage. Sperm with more stable chromatin selected with IMSI transfer a healthier genetic structure to the embryo. Because; The probability of developing a blastocyst embryo after microinjection with sperm selected by IMSI was found to be higher than after classical ICSI.

Disadvantages ; It requires special devices and experienced personnel who can use these devices according to the standard ICSI (microinjection) technique. For this reason, it is more expensive than ICSI and most importantly, it takes much longer to do than the normal ICSI process.

The true value of IMSI and the decision whether to do it routinely will be determined after the information on this subject has increased and sufficient studies have accumulated.

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