IVF and Twin Pregnancy Possibility

IVF treatment is applied to couples who cannot have children naturally. It is recommended in couples where the sperm count is below 5mil/ml, sperm motility and morphology are low, and female reproductive tracts are blocked. Moreover; Groups that do not respond to other assisted reproductive treatments such as vaccination and ovulation treatments are also taken to IVF treatment. For example, married couples who have 3 times IUI (vaccination) and no results are included in this group. Finally, in vitro fertilization treatment can be applied to couples who cannot have a baby despite having no problems, which is explained by 15 percent.

Couples who start IVF treatment should pay attention to nutrition and weight. Paying attention to nutrition positively affects the IVF treatment process. 2-3 months before starting the treatment, smoking and alcohol consumption should be stopped and a healthy and balanced diet should be gained. Vegetables, dairy products, eggs, fish, legumes, fruits, nuts and dried fruits should be consumed.

How is it applied?

No pain or pain is felt during the procedure. A slight pain may be felt after the collection process is finished. This pain, which can be easily relieved with mild drugs, does not have a negative effect on the daily life of the woman.

Embryo transfer is the most critical step in IVF treatment. Whether the treatment is successful or not depends on whether the embryos take hold. In accordance with the regulations in IVF treatment, 1 embryo is transferred to women under the age of 35 and 2 embryos are transferred to women over the age of 35. The reason for this is to try to prevent multiple pregnancies that may occur in IVF treatment.

12 days after embryo transfer, a blood pregnancy test is performed and the result is learned. If an unsuccessful result is obtained, a new IVF trial can be made after 1-2 months. If the 2nd and 3rd attempts are unsuccessful, a treatment can be started again after some genetic tests and additional examinations such as hysteroscopy are performed.

What are the methods used in IVF treatment?

There are many modern techniques applied in IVF treatment. ISH; It is the technique used to select the best quality sperm and to obtain high fertilization rates after microinjection. Microtese; Testicular biopsy performed under a microscope. PGD ​​(pregenetic diagnosis; examining the embryos of couples with genetic problems and selecting the healthy ones. Asistthatching; thinning the embryo wall with the help of laser. Frozen; freezing the embryos, sperm and eggs for later use. Embryoscope; monitoring the embryo development under the camera and selecting the healthy ones. Immunological therapies and immune system therapies.

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