One of the most common problems today; in love with another man due to the indifference of the spouse at home
is to be. Or falling in love with another woman. It’s because your spouse under the same roof is like someone else to you.
It’s that you’re far away and your mind is always on someone else. At first, with great passion, the forbidden fruit
These relations, which started by being tempted, after a while, thought that there was no end to this relationship between both parties.
As he begins to think, the relationship also begins to think of separation and unbearable pain.
Being distracted by his wife at home, being on his mind all the time, not enjoying anything,
unhappiness begins to struggle in despair. In this process, your spouse is indifferent and inconsistent at home.
behavior pushes the lover to think more. Now the lovers are separated and actually depressed
The lover who thinks he has entered is suffering from a deep love. Thinking about it knowing it’s impossible
It is excruciating pain and happiness at the same time. A relationship that goes on knowing it won’t happen, and
leaving lovingly, crying out of nowhere, a sad mood, not being able to have fun with anyone,
the fact that you have your mind on the ground, people always say “what happened to you, you weren’t like this, your cheerful mood is gone”
his speeches constantly distance himself from other people. When you look after your children at home
guilt is to find yourself in this predicament when I say I would never do such a thing and get out.
can not find…

Sometimes, how did I make such a mistake? How can I humiliate and belittle people on this subject?
starting to think that I would be in the same situation, on the one hand, I wish I had never met him and
Even if the thing is old, I’m glad I got to know him, I’m glad I loved him, he gave me a lot of good things.
It reminded me of my womanhood that I had forgotten for years. Made me feel important again, that I was beautiful
starting to think it felt like it. But on the other hand, with this new situation in life,
not knowing how to cope, when this longing, this longing and constantly thinking about it
not knowing it will end, uncertainty!


Women especially cheat on their spouses not for simple reasons like men, but mostly for emotional seeking.
Of course that’s usually. Since cheating is usually a relational problem, we can look deeper and find the underlying problem.
The reasons for this are the personal characteristics of the spouses and their attitudes and behaviors towards each other.
may be caused by problems. In fact, deception is involved in both parties.
is a result. In other words, this result also plays an active role in cheating and cheating. In general
It is mostly women who seek love, romance, excitement and surprise in their relationships. men’s home
If he does not buy flowers once in a while, finds special days unnecessary and does nothing, hand in hand.
If he finds it ridiculous to catch fire and walk around in the rain, especially if he doesn’t say he loves you, how much
If she doesn’t make you feel beautiful, it means she’s not emotionally enough for her partner. Generally, most women
The reason for cheating is that they cannot get attention from their spouses. Cheating is a masculine concept in our society.
The reason why it is perceived as a deception is that society does not equate cheating men and women.
It is unjust and distorted social patterns in our society; “Get the woman’s deception
stain”, “man cheats on his hand”, “man cheats on man” etc. define as. women’s social
It leads to unhappiness, hopelessness and naturally emotional deceptions due to pressure. interest
Everyone likes to see, compliment and be liked, but for women it’s much more important to be liked.
It is a great need and the most important point where women are affected. If spouses do not meet this need,
Besides, he shows interest in other women, and if the woman usually catches these cheatings, this time he shows interest.
They may turn to someone else. Women’s feelings and thoughts are ignored by their spouses.
Being constantly criticized for not meeting expectations and needs, ignoring problems, and
Being humiliated makes the woman unhappy and they may turn to other doors and other pursuits. women men
reassuring wants to be safe enough to lean his back on a mountain,
Time needs a wife who takes care of it. Passive, insecure men who do not take responsibility can be deceived at any time.
The cheated spouses may cheat on their spouses just to experience the same feeling. Thus, by another
They want to be admired and to mend their broken pride. Some women are sexually satisfied by their partner.
not being sexually attractive, especially by their spouses,
They may gravitate towards others who find them attractive. He could not find the love he expected in a relationship, at a young age
Those who have been married and married with their first date can sometimes fall in love again.


Continue your routine life.
Do not talk to the person you broke up with, your lover, unless necessary.
Don’t be afraid to be alone: ​​you’re not the first to leave. Remember that life goes on.
Anything that has an emotional meaning or memory for you, anything that reminds you of it, objects that that person gives you.
get rid of.
Delete your lover from Social Networks: Follow your ex from social networks such as Facebook, Twitter.
It will cause you more pain. In this process, deleting that person will ease your pain.
Spend more time with your friends and neighbors: when you are alone, when you are together
You will think and you will be more upset. Being alone makes it easier for you to think about it
It will be good for you to distract your friends and talk about other things.
It’s good that we broke up because make a list that starts with… and discuss the negative aspects of the person you broke up with.
try to think.

Give yourself to new hobbies and social activities, both as an occupation and a less thoughtful one.
it will be time.

Never blame yourself, don’t blame yourself. Blaming yourself for cheating on your partner is not a choice
It is an unexpected situation that happens to you.

If you receive support and receive psychotherapy, continue your regular sessions, trust your therapist.

Give yourself time. It will take some time for you to become the same as before. Yeah nothing is exactly the same as before
If not, you’ll be back to normal. Do not be discouraged in this process, do not give up.

Avoid making important decisions. Do not decide on an issue that is important to your life.
wait for it to finish. In this process, you may not be able to make a healthy decision, and you may experience regrets as a result.

Simplify your life. You can handle it easily instead of heading towards goals you can’t overcome,
do simpler activities and fewer things. Do not take big responsibilities.

Make a list of activities that used to make you happy and participate in activities that made you happy. Your life
Being in it is possible by doing something that makes you feel good.

Notice the small changes in your life, no pain ever stays the same. The little steps you take
take care. The small improvements you make during the treatment process will give you strength to ignore them.
don’t come.

Do sports. Hit the gym. Exercising makes you feel good by increasing the endorphin hormone.

it will feel.

Eat healthy and regularly. A healthy diet is essential for the effective functioning of both the brain and the body.

Pay attention to your sleep pattern. Sleep relaxes, renews the person, gives strength to cope with stress.

Your outlook may be completely negative and hopeless at first. Recognizing your negative thoughts
Replace them with positive thoughts.

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