It lowers blood pressure, protects the body against inflammation… So, is lemon water effective in losing weight?


As we all know, lemon is a good source of vitamin C. However, although it is not a miracle food for weight loss and fat burning, it can sometimes cause confusion. So, does lemon water make you lose weight? Dietitian Deniz Zünbülcan gave important information on the subject.

According to the World Health Organization, obesity is abnormal and excessive fat accumulation that can impair human health. The most common and practical method used to diagnose obesity in a person is to calculate the body mass index. The percentage of fat should be approximately 20% for women and 15% for men.

Hearing information about losing weight and burning fat can also cause confusion. One of them is that lemon water is effective in losing weight…

Here are the effects of lemon water…

– In addition to vitamin C, lemon, which contains many vitamins, minerals and phytochemical compounds, is especially important for the immune system.

– In addition, there are some studies indicating that vitamin C plays a role in the metabolism of fat in the body. In a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, it was stated that vitamin C taken during exercise has supportive effects on fat burning. In other words, we cannot talk about the fact that lemon, like vinegar, is effective in weakening alone.

– Even if we cannot say that it has a direct effect on weight loss, the calories of lemon are quite low. You can reduce oil, sugar and salt by adding lemon to your recipes.

– Flavonoids, which are also useful compounds in it, have a protective effect against inflammation that may occur in the body.

– It can also have positive effects on blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

– Since lemon has a blood pressure lowering effect, people who normally experience low blood pressure may need to stay away from lemon water. Otherwise, they may experience different health problems with the thought of losing weight.

– Lemon also has a blood thinning effect. It is also beneficial for people who use drugs to consult their own specialists.

– Lemon water is effective in cleansing the body from toxins. However, studies are needed to say that it has direct weight loss effects. It is an alternative that you can use as a support for your nutrition program consisting of enjoyable, healthy and scientific methods that you can make into your lifestyle. In addition to all these, you should not forget that 70% nutrition and 30% exercise are effective for a healthy and fit life.

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