It is possible to achieve a muscular body without sports!


The effect of the healthy life culture and the attention people show to their body images result in an increase in body shaping surgeries not only in women but also in men. Although it is thought that it is not as important as in women, since the shaped and protruding chest muscles express health, strength and attractiveness in men, the aesthetic appearance of this region and therefore its operations are becoming more and more remarkable.

It is a fact known by those who are particularly interested in bodybuilding sports that one of the most difficult muscles to develop is the pectoral muscle or chest muscle. The maximum volume of the muscle is determined genetically, and despite serious sports, it may not be possible for the person to reach the desired form. After this stage, the person can resort to hormonal treatments such as anabolic steroids and testosterone to increase the volume of the muscle, but most people do not want the treatments because they cause serious health problems. As a result, pectoral implant application is an operation that can be applied for the purpose of breast aesthetics in men who are not satisfied with the volume and appearance of the chest muscle, whether they do sports or not.

One of the most disturbing conditions, especially for young men, is male-pattern breast enlargement (gynecomastia). It is possible to get a more masculine breast appearance with pectoral implant application during the elimination of this problem, which is simple to treat.

Men who want pectoral implant application often want a more muscular appearance in the abdomen as they are individuals who do sports, are fit and care about their body image. Since it is possible to obtain a diamond appearance on the abdomen with a special liposuction technique (hi-def lipo), it is frequently desired to add hi-def lipo application to the abdominal region together with the pectoral implant.

To whom can pectoral implant application be made?

Male chest muscle aesthetic operation, also called pectoral implant application, is a method applied to male patients who want to have more masculine lines in the chest area. Patients who apply to plastic surgeons for this procedure usually fall into one of four different groups:

• Pectoral Implant Application is most commonly applied to male patients who cannot achieve sufficient development in their chest muscles despite intense exercise (In some body types, it is not as easy to obtain the tension and shape of the muscle as in others.) or simply does not want to exercise and wants to get the same image. Some men have a genetic tendency to have fullness in the lower part of the chest compared to the upper part of the chest (these people may not achieve a change in shape despite an increase in muscle mass despite rigorous exercise), and this can cause a disproportionate appearance in the chest area. With the pectoral implant application, this disproportion can be eliminated and a more attractive appearance can be obtained.

• Another patient group is the patients with a deformity called “Poland Syndrome”, which occurs due to the partial or complete development of the congenital pectoral muscle (chest muscle). The pectoral implant application applied to these patients has a positive effect on their psychology due to the improvement of their body image.

• In cases where the chest muscle shrinks (atrophies) after trauma or congenital damage to the nerves originating from the neck region and providing muscle movements of both the chest region and the arm and hand region, the volume of the muscle can be increased with the application of pectoral implants.

• Deformity that occurs as a result of damage to the chest muscle due to excessive exercise can also be treated with pectoral implant applications.

Operation and post-process

Contrary to popular belief, pectoral implant application differs greatly from breast augmentation in women. While breast implants applied for breast augmentation in women are soft and in the consistency of breast tissue, pectoral implants applied in men are designed to increase the volume of the chest muscle only.

Pectoral implant application, body shaping and breast implant applications by a competent plastic surgeon in the hospital environment and operating room conditions. extremely It is a technical operation. Pectoral implant application is usually performed under general anesthesia. With the help of an incision made under the armpit, the pectoral implant is placed behind the chest muscle and a bandage is applied on the chest. After this procedure, which usually takes about 1-1.5 hours, the patient can go home the same day or stay in the hospital environment for one night.

Since Pectoral Implants are made of hard silicone and placed behind the muscle (as in women), there is almost no hardening of the tissue surrounding the implant, called “capsule contracture”, and the probability of causing problems in the future is very low.

One week after the operation, people who have had the operation can start light exercises and from the third week, upper body exercises can be done easily. From the sixth week after the operation, it is possible to restart even heavy bodybuilding programs.

Regardless of the purpose of the pectoral implant, it is accepted as a suitable method to make the chest area more masculine and attractive in male patients who have reasonable expectations and are ready for the recovery period.

Kiss. Dr. Hakan Gundogan

Aesthetic, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Specialist

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