It is my prescription for myself and my patients.

You came to me when you were looking for a cure for your troubles. I would like to share this article with the intention and hope that it will be beneficial for your situation, since we do not have a magic wand, although I try to find the cause of your problem and help you find a solution, in a 10-15 minute session, with my knowledge and skills as a professional:

Many of the diseases we understand and name are not your destiny, and you actually create them with your own hands.

Behind all disease name tags, there is a bioecological picture of the disease that we can see and show, and often there is a psychosociological basis under it and a philosophical basis at the base of it. In reality, illness is often man’s choice, just as our lives are God’s choice.

Your main doctor in diagnosis and treatment can often be just yourself.

Most of the time, the duty of us medical professionals is; It is trying to understand and explain how you got yourself into this situation, that is, how you made yourself sick and how you can get rid of this situation and treat it.

On the other hand, we should consider that; There are no incurable diseases, there are diseases for which we have not yet found a solution; our duty is only seeking and wishing.

None of us has a magic wand or unlimited power.

Regardless of the name of your disease; Together, we apply to unlimited Knowledge and Power, and we strive together for healing to the best of our luck and fortune.

Sometimes, the situation that we understand and think is a problem may actually be our cure.

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