It Is Inevitable To Have Some Changes On Our Face

As time passes, it is inevitable that some changes will occur on our face. One of them is the volumetric losses in our subcutaneous tissues. This process manifests itself in the form of collapse in the cheeks, forehead lines, nose edge lines, lip edge lines, and thinning of the lips.
It is possible to prevent this image that we do not like by replacing the missing textures.
For this, either the person’s own tissues (fat injection) or ready-made fillers can be used. Among the ready-to-apply fillers, the most widely used and most reliable in the world are the preparations containing hyaluronic acid. The “hyaluronic acid” used as a filler is actually a natural substance found in the skin. As age progresses, hyaluronic acid, which gives vitality, brightness, tension, moisture and color to the skin, decreases. The process using fillers containing hyaluronic acid is a natural process that completely reduces and replaces the necessary material. Hyaluronic acid preparations are a stabilized acid that does not contain animal raw materials. It is available in various forms, it is an FDA approved product.
Since hyaluronic acid is a ready-made preparation, a numbing cream is applied to the area to be treated, and injection is made with microneedles without the need for any other action on your body. The process takes 10-15 minutes. There may be a temporary redness at the procedure site. The effect of the application is immediate. Cheekbones become fuller, wrinkles disappear or become lighter, lips thicken. Its persistence ranges from 6 months to 1 year. You can return to your normal activities and life immediately after the injection.

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