Issues to be considered during the selection period

It is one of our greatest expectations for our children to be educated in good schools from the moment they are born. We think that when he attends good schools, he will have better jobs and be happier. The exam results have been announced. An even more stressful choice period awaits students who are already anxious and stressed during the exam period.

Even if the exam results are good, making decisions and taking responsibility puts students under stress. With this stress and pessimism, the person can sometimes give up on their priorities or dreams. The part of the exam he actually wanted since the first semester; My score is enough here, I don’t want to prepare again, or it would be a big mistake to change it just because others said this episode is good.

What students prioritize while making a choice is generally; Will everyone be happy? , Will I have financial problems? Can I find a job? Such are the thoughts. That’s exactly why 35% of the students who have passed the university exam and settled in leave the department they have chosen and are preparing for the exam again.

During this period, some families may put pressure on their children, especially for certain occupational groups. This period is a critical transition period. During this period, it is important to communicate correctly, to care about your child’s curiosities and abilities, and to support them no matter what. You can guide your child by talking together, making him feel that you care about what he wants and asking the right questions.

Dear students, first ask yourself these questions; Is this job really the job I want to do for the rest of my life? How successful and happy will I be in this job? Then go to places where you can experience the profession you want to do for a few days if possible, talk to the people who do that profession group about its advantages and disadvantages. Remember, this life is yours….

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