Is Your Diet Making You Aged?

Beautiful, radiant and younger skin is everyone’s dream. This dream, on the other hand, passes through the plate, not from afar. What we put on our plate affects what we see in the mirror.

With the increasing studies in recent years, the relationship between nutrition and skin has become clearer. According to the results, a healthier diet means fewer fine lines and wrinkles. A diet rich in high-fat, processed sugar is unfortunately a one-way ticket to older skin.

Although a healthy diet pattern helps to delay aging, some components in particular stand out with their anti-aging effect. Here are some foods that will rejuvenate you while eating them:

1-Orange: It supports collagen synthesis with its vitamin C content. It fights wrinkles with its high water content.

2-Avocado:Although oils are feared enemies when it comes to skin health, avocado nourishes your skin with healthy fatty acids in its content.

3-Tomato: With its high lycopene content, it strengthens the skin barrier against oxidation. It would not be an exaggeration to say that it creates the effect of eating sunscreen with its feature that protects it from the damaging effect of sun rays.

4-Oats:With its low glycemic index, it supports skin health and helps soothe skin irritation.

5-Grapes:The resveratrol it contains slows down the aging process.

6-Cocoa and green tea:With its high antioxidant capacities, it has a magic touch to every stage of aging.

7-Salmon:Not only salmon but also many oily fish are thought to inhibit the growth and spread of cells that cause skin cancer, with omega-3s in their content.

8-Pomegranate: It is a much stronger antioxidant than cranberry, also known as green tea and cranberry. It helps the skin to look smooth and plump with its ingredients.

Not only what we eat, but how we cook affects our aging process. Cooking at lower temperatures in a shorter time with boiling and steaming methods allows you to take advantage of the anti-aging effect at the highest level.

Then let me end my article with a healthy snack that rejuvenates you. You can support the anti-aging effect by adding 1 tea glass of pomegranate and a small bowl of yogurt to your daily diet. Healthy days..

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