Is Watermelon Effective for Weight Loss?

Watermelon is known as a fruit that we are not used to seeing on diet lists. The reason why watermelon is not preferred frequently in the lists is the sugar content in its content. But I think he has been treated unfairly. Maybe the watermelon is our friend.

Let’s fix some mistakes. Although watermelon is a fruit with a high sugar content, it does not contain alarming calories. Moreover, the calorie rate of 1 serving of watermelon is quite acceptable. Thanks to its high water content, we can say that it both keeps you full and cools you in hot summer months. In addition to all these features, it also contains useful nutrients that support our body. Of course, this does not mean unlimited consumption. Remember, every food should be consumed in moderation, even if it is healthy. Any food that is out of measure can cause health problems in the future. For example, while consuming one meal of watermelon may be beneficial in the weight loss process, consuming three meals of watermelon can be quite problematic.

Low-calorie watermelon helps you lose weight

Fruits and vegetables should form an important part of our diet. Because the share of vegetables and fruits in low-calorie diets is quite large. For example; The equivalent of consuming too many nutrients per serving is a very small calorie gain.

Moreover, since our topic is watermelon; Then I should also say that consuming two glasses of cubed watermelon instead of junk food protects you from getting too many calories. Think; 15 chips means approximately 140 calories and 9 grams of fat. A bottle of fruit-flavored soda is about 160-170 calories. So instead of all these options, do you see how innocent it is to soothe your hunger or thirst with watermelon?

This is also true when it comes to healthy snacks. 1 handful of roasted almonds or hazelnuts means 170-180 calories. 1 handful of raisins is about 130-140 calories. Of course, the nutritional values ​​you will get from the foods in these examples are very different from the nutritional values ​​you will get from watermelon. But when it comes to calorie calculation, it is more advantageous to consume watermelon.

Watermelon Keeps You Full

Watermelon means full of water. Because more than 90% of watermelon is water. For this reason, consuming watermelon will fill your stomach fast. In addition, when you consume watermelon, you will also receive fiber, which slows down digestion and provides satiety for a long time.

The thing you should pay attention to is; Each serving of fruit contains three times more calories than green leafy vegetables. Even if you do not exaggerate your consumption, I recommend that you keep this information in mind in terms of calorie calculation.

Watermelon Is Good For Your Muscle Aches

Physical activities should be at the forefront in the weight loss process. Because; Exercises help you burn calories faster and gain muscle. Although cardiovascular exercises cause muscle pain at first, these pains will decrease and disappear afterward. In other words, you can ensure its continuity without fear and panic.

Now I will tell you about a nice study about sports and watermelon duo. A very interesting study has been done on athletes. According to the study; Drinking half a liter of watermelon juice before heavy exercises regulated the heartbeat of the athletes and reduced the muscle soreness of the next day.

According to the researchers, the reason for this was the L-citrulline found in watermelon. According to the working mechanism of our body; When L-citrulline enters the body, it turns into L-arginine, an essential amino acid. This provides circulation in the body and relaxes the blood vessels to a great extent. As a result; Consuming 1 portion of watermelon before exercise makes you feel good after exercise.

Nutritional Values ​​in Watermelon Support Your Health

Losing weight means reducing calorie intake. We agree on this. But when you reduce your calorie intake to lose weight, the calorie content of the calories you take must be rich. Watermelon, which is consumed especially in summer, provides you with 25% of your daily vitamin C and 30% of your vitamin A. Not only that! When you consume watermelon, it also provides calcium, iron and potassium support. It also becomes a good source of vitamin B-6, which supports your immune system.

I will end my article by saying a few more good things about watermelon, which I cannot finish counting. Watermelon is also very rich in the antioxidant Lycopene. If lycopene; It is a compound that reduces vision loss that occurs with cancer, heart diseases and aging.

Despite this, Lycopene intake falls short in most people’s diets. I think you will pay attention to this issue now. I conclude this article by saying that you do not need to be afraid of watermelon during the weight loss process.

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