“Is This My Concern Or Is It Extremely Common?”

Anxiety; It means anxiety, sadness, worry, distress, worry. We can encounter these feelings in any period of our lives, in any area. Anxiety is as normal and even necessary as the state of being happy. Therefore, when you feel anxious, you should not bring thoughts such as being sick or being unhealthy to your mind. The necessary amount of anxiety encourages us to take precautions against dangers, to be vigilant against various risks.

When we see someone walking from the edge of the cliff, what happens inside us is related to the danger of that person’s life, and tends to return to normal as a result of making the current situation safe and moving away from the edge of the cliff. The stress experienced by someone who needs to speak in public encourages the person to work on his speech and to make a plan for his speech. Likewise, a student’s worries about the exam will push him to study. Let’s see what kind of life awaits us, assuming that all this does not happen.

When we see someone who is on the edge of a cliff, we worry that that person may fall and be life-threatening. This anxiety allows us to warn that person and return the person to the safe zone. Otherwise, the person will fall from the cliff and experience a life-threatening danger, but the brain works for vital functions and takes action in case of a threat to it.

In the same way, the person who will speak in front of the public may experience difficulties such as being disgraced, humiliated or worthless in front of people. These troubles are quite normal and will prompt the person to get more information about the subject of his speech and to plan the introduction-development-results of the speech.

In the absence of such concerns, the inability of the person to answer various questions about his speech will cause him to feel inadequate. The fact that the student who will take the exam does not experience any stress will also cause him to get low grades in the exam and show an unsuccessful performance.

What is basically meant by all these examples: that the necessary amount of anxiety is just as normal as happiness, sadness, excitement. Therefore, you should first review the degree of anxiety you experience and then examine yourself how much it affects your daily life.

If the anxiety you experience is such that it affects the activities you do in your daily life, then it would be beneficial to consult an expert.

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