Is There Life After Corona?

Imagine a spacecraft landing on earth today. You turn the corner and a lush alien stands in front of you. You have never encountered such a thing before in your life and you do not know what to do, how to act. Your first move will probably be to run away screaming. When we first heard about the corona, we did not know what to do in the same way. Most of us have never encountered an epidemic before in our lives. Maybe we didn’t even know what a pandemic meant. Of course, we gave the most natural reaction we could give and we got scared, we ran away, we hid.

In this period, when we have gradually made the pandemic a part of our lives, some of us seem to ignore the situation, while some of us continue their protectionism as on the first day. So how was our psychology affected in this process?

Many of us have spent more time at home than ever before. Our routine has changed, we have strayed from our routines and become socially unsociable. Our mood during this process actually changed in relation to how we perceived the process. For example, a person who has not been able to spare time for his hobbies for a long time perceived this process as an opportunity, but on the other hand, being away from social life also caused serious moral disorders. And there were even individuals with introverted personality traits who did not feel much difference in their lives.

At what point were you? What do you see when you look back at the past months? If you think that I only spent this process in bed and did nothing, then you are doing yourself an injustice. Not everyone has to produce all the time. How wonderful if when you listen to your body and soul, it just tells you that it wants to rest and you have listened to it. You should thank yourself for being able to provide what you need. You may have had trouble focusing during and after the quarantine period. Do not forget that the changes in our daily life affect us to a great extent, even if we are not always conscious of them.

So will it always be like this?

The pandemic period will leave great traces in our perception of life, our way of life, and our lives will not be the same as before. But this is not as bad as we think. We will have left behind a process in which we have the opportunity to get to know ourselves, learn to be alone with ourselves, and perhaps realize that our worries in life are not as essential as we think. What remains for us from this process will be the direction that what we learn will give our lives. We will continue to live as people who have learned to be patient and cope with problems. Of course, one day the pandemic will end and we will return to our old order, which we describe as normal. Our worries will surely be left behind…

What we need to do to get through this process in the healthiest way is to continue living without disturbing our routines. For example, waking up at the same time and going to sleep at the same time, even on days when we are not going to work. In this way, you will be able to send the message to your body that everything is normal. In other words, you will hide from your body that you are in a pandemic. Likewise, paying attention to your regular diet will increase your body’s resistance. The most important thing is to remember that the whole world is going through the same process as you and that you are not alone.

Do yourself a favor today and get rid of your worries. Share your feelings with your relatives and do not hesitate to seek professional help when necessary.

To healthy days…

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