Is There an Age for Orthodontic Treatment?

Hello, this week’s topic is about the age at which orthodontic treatment will be applied.

Although it has started to change lately, there is a long-established misconception in our country that orthodontic treatments can only be applied to children.

Although this misinformation in the society has started to change with the information in the media and the increase in the number of people receiving orthodontic treatment, I think it would be useful to mention it here once again.

Yes, first of all, orthodontic treatment has no age. Although treatment protocols may vary, orthodontic treatment can be applied to each individual.

Very exceptionally, orthodontic treatment is sometimes avoided in people with advanced gingival problems, but it can also be done in these people by using appropriate methods and techniques.

The earliest and ideal age for orthodontic examination is 6-7 years of age, when milk teeth begin to fall out and permanent teeth begin to erupt. It is not always necessary to start treatment during these periods. In some rare cases, at these ages, treatments can be applied with removable appliances (with removable palate inserts) or partial fixed wire applications.

The general practice is to start orthodontic treatments before puberty, at the age of 11-12. During the growth spurt, all of the permanent teeth come out and the milk teeth fall out. In order for all permanent teeth to be corrected, all teeth must have erupted.

Just before this period, a period of rapid growth of the lower and upper jaws is entered. This process, which also follows height growth, is extremely important in the treatments to be applied to cases with jaw incompatibility. The age at which this period is seen in boys and girls varies, and the correct period can be determined by clinical examination and x-ray analysis.

So, what should be done in people who could not be treated at this early age? Orthodontic treatments can be applied to adult patients, as well as to each individual. In adults with advanced jaw problems we mentioned, the jaws can be brought to their ideal positions with the help of orthognathic surgical operations.

I wish you all lots of love and healthy smiles.

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