Is There an Age Factor in Implant Treatment?

There is no such thing as an implant cannot be made after a certain age. It is sufficient for people with tooth loss to complete bone development. The palate, which will be controlled by the physician in the implant treatment, will give information about the suitability of the bone structure. Afterwards, the expert decision will be important as to whether treatment can be performed or not.

Is There an Implant for a Single Tooth?

In case of single tooth loss, implant treatment is the right choice. The root is opened directly on the palate and a suitable area for the screw is created. Afterwards, it is expected that the palate area will become suitable for tooth mounting. After healing, the tooth will be placed directly. All these processes implant treatment will take place in suitable environments. Treatment will take place.

In general, in these cases, we request routine Tomography from our patients and examine the patient’s bone condition in 3D, and then we recommend the most appropriate method to our patients with various regenerative materials, Prf applications, bone grafts and all on 4, all on 6, all on 8 methods.

Implant Surgery

Among the dental treatment options to be applied for missing items, one of the methods used today is implant.

Applied to replace missing teeth implant treatmentIt provides application on only one tooth without having to apply to other teeth.

It is among the developed treatment methods. For this reason, especially in case of tooth loss due to different reasons, the treatment to be applied ensures the regeneration of the tooth. In the application, which will be carried out mostly, artificial tooth roots prepared in the form of screws are used. With the screwing process, the tooth root to be applied to the jaw ensures that your tooth is ready for use again.

How is Implant Treatment Applied?

With the application in the area with a single missing tooth, the regeneration of the tooth is ensured without any intervention to the teeth around it.

Who is Implant Treatment Applied to?

It is applied especially if there is only one missing tooth or if there is no tooth at all. Each tooth is regenerated by applying one by one. With the application to be carried out with the screwing method, it is ensured that the tooth is healthier and more durable. The fact that the chewing sensation is very close to normal after the application increases the satisfaction of the patients.

It is applied in patients, especially in case of loss of a single tooth or complete loss of teeth.

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