Is There a Formula for a Healthy Relationship?

In long-term relationships, keeping the relationship healthy can be difficult. One of the partners may have bad habits that can cause arguments. Communication is considered the key to a healthy relationship, and both partners must invest in the relationship for success. It takes hard work to make a relationship work, but it is also fulfilling and worth the effort.

When a person opens up to their partner, it also shows that they trust him. This ensures that the other party is sincere. However, communication is two-sided, so it is very important to listen carefully and actively to the other party. Making eye contact and not interrupting the other person’s speech are among the most effective listening methods.

The first step in building mutual trust is to articulate expectations. The understanding of individual trust may differ between couples. For example; For one person, being physically cheated on can lead to a loss of trust, while being cheated on emotionally for another can be more hurtful.

Another way to build trust is to set boundaries. These limits can be set sexually, personally, socially or financially. Mutual compliance with such boundaries not only builds trust, but also strengthens the sense that both sides will not betray each other. Also, lying, even if it’s small and white, causes cracks in the relationship. In a healthy relationship, the fact that the couples are completely sincere to each other ensures that the relationship continues in a healthy way with mutual trust.

No matter how trusting and healthy a relationship may be, conflicts do occur. What matters is not the occurrence of these conflicts, but the way they are handled. Arguing in a crowded area will only make things worse. One of the couples may feel embarrassed. For this reason, holding the discussions in a quiet and private area provides a healthy discussion environment. It is also very important to address a conflict at that moment. Leaving it for later causes the problem to grow with the delusions. It is natural not to know how to resolve an argument in a healthy way. At this point, it is recommended that couples receive couples therapy from a specialist.

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