Is there a cure for premature ovarian failure?

According to our classical knowledge, eggs are formed only in the mother’s womb before they are born, and then new egg formation does not occur. Early ovarian failure occurs as a result of the decrease or depletion of eggs. Explaining the precautions to be taken to the person in this situation, investigating possible factors, for example quitting smoking if smoking, eliminating if there is an intense stress factor, preventing it from causing other possible problems if there is a chromosomal problem, If there is a problem that goes with the thyroid and adrenal gland, it is necessary to take precautions for these problems that will affect the health of the woman. If there is menstrual irregularity or cessation, it may be possible to regulate it with hormone treatments.

The most important question is can new eggs be formed?

Studies conducted today, advanced technology and treatment methods show that new eggs are developed in which stem cells in the ovaries can be stimulated. Treatment: Treatment for the cause (mentioned above)


PRP treatment

ozone therapy


Co-q10, cysteine, vitamin E, omega 3, vitamin D support

What should be recommended to women with premature ovarian failure or at risk?

The most important problem for women in this situation is to have children, to plan for it.

It would be right to inform about the condition of their ovaries, especially at the beginning of their thirties, especially in close family members, those who have early ovarian failure problems, and those who have undergone a treatment or operation that may damage the ovaries for any reason. Ultrasound examinations, hormone measurements, and especially AMH hormone measurements that best reflect the ovarian reserve will provide us with information on this issue and will enable the woman to consider this when making her pregnancy plans. It is vital that people who will receive surgery or chemotherapy are informed about ovarian tissue freezing, egg or embryo freezing to protect reproductive functions before these procedures.

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