In past years ”rosehip fruit”, ‘ ‘flaxseed’and finally ”golden strawberry fruit” became the center of attention, these plants and the health products containing these plants were in high demand. So much so, that golden strawberries, which do not grow in our country, were started to be grown by producers, and weight loss products prepared by adding “sibutramine” were sold out, although they did not have any weakening properties. In the past months, there were news in the newspapers that Miranda Kerr, one of the famous models of Victoria’s Secret, has been drinking noni juice since the age of 13, strengthening her immune system and making her skin beautiful and soft. I think one of the popular fruits of the coming years will be “noni”. Products containing various noni on the shelves, slimming teas, antiaging creams and others…

So what is this Noni?

Its scientific name is Morinda citrifolia, it grows as a small tree or shrub. Although its homeland is South Asia, it is cultivated in tropical regions. It is called “turkey mulberry” because its fruits resemble unripe mulberry fruit. It is reported that the amount of fruit juice sales in the United States increased from $33 million in 1999 to $250 million in 2005. After the European Commission accepted noni fruit paste and juice as a new nutritional element in 2003, it started to attract more and more attention in European countries. Therefore, detailed publications on the content and efficacy of fruit puree and fruit juice became more frequent. Fruit puree is poor in fiber, protein, and fat, but its carbohydrate content stands out. It contains beta-carotene and vitamin B3, as well as vitamin C as essential nutrients. In terms of minerals, potassium, phosphorus, calcium are in high amounts, but their amounts are not sufficient in terms of nutritional value, while the manganese and selenium content are remarkable in terms of nutritional value. Apart from these basic components, it carries an iridoid type component (deacetylasperuloside) at a high rate. Iridoids are phytochemicals that are used as an appetizer because they have a bitter taste. For this reason, it is claimed that noni juice is marketed after being mixed with other fruit juices or fermented.

Is it beneficial for health?

In books, brochures, and websites written about noni, there are many claims about its health benefits in cancer, depression, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, drug addiction and of course obesity. These effects were mostly associated with an alkaloid called zeronin in a study published in 1985, but neither the structure of this substance is known nor there are other studies supporting these effects. So whether these effects are true or not is debatable! It’s a scenario just like the other herbal products that want to be made popular, such as golden berries.

Looking at the sources, there are studies on the leaves and roots of the noni plant as well as its fruits. In this respect, first of all, it is necessary to separate the ones related to fruits. The effect of leaves and roots should not be expected from the fruit. In experimental studies published so far, it has been determined that the fruits have anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-nerve damage, sedative, insulin release, blood pressure lowering, and liver functions protective effects. However, there seems to be no study that can demonstrate its clinical effectiveness. A study sponsored by the National Institutes of Health in the USA concluded that when administered clinically during chemotherapy in cancer patients, it may be beneficial in alleviating the harms of cancer drug. In the study on the benefit of diabetic patients, no significant benefit was observed on blood sugar and lipid levels when noni juice was given to 34 diabetic patients for three weeks.

Although no significant advantage has yet been identified in terms of its benefits, it is stated that it is reliable in studies on its reliability and that there is no obvious harm. It is reported in a scientific report published this year that liver damage observed in a 14-year-old child due to drinking noni juice is a false alarm.

Is a noni an inflated balloon?

While researching the sources, I noticed that the noni fruit has recently started to be grown in the state of Florida in the USA. This situation created a suspicion of American advertising pumping in me. The famous and beautiful model is writing a book and says she has been drinking noni juice for thirteen years, I wonder if she wrote the book herself; It has already been translated into 13 languages, including our language! Now think about the rest. As a result, I do not think that the noni fruit has more benefits than the golden berry, which was previously artificially popular. Let me warn you, we’ll have to wait and see.

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