Is Silent Heart Disease Dangerous?

A person may not have any complaints despite having heart disease. A person may not even know that they have heart disease. Silence due to a mild disorder of the heart may not be significant. However, if there is a serious disease and it is silent, that is, it does not cause any complaints in the patient, it is life-threatening. Diseases of the heart are very diverse. Diseases of the heart valves may be due to a congenital defect or the heart valves may deteriorate over time as a result of throat infections in childhood. The defect in the lid causes the lid not to be fully closed when it should be closed, and not to open it sufficiently when it should be opened. If the defect on the lids is mild, it may not give any symptoms for years.

There may be a hole between the congenital heart cavities. If this hole is small and does not disturb the heart’s task,
It may remain silent for years. It may occur by chance, during a diagnostic procedure at an advanced age. The most effective and risk-free method in the diagnosis of this group of mild heart diseases is echocardiographic examination, that is, ultrasound examination of the heart. In this way, the problem in the heart is understood, but since it is mild, no treatment is required. With echocardiographic examinations performed every few years, it is understood whether the disorder in the heart progresses or remains at the same level. If it has progressed, necessary treatment is applied.

Silent “ischemia” is a serious condition.
“Ischemia” is a medical word describing the lack of blood supply or insufficiency of blood supply in a tissue. For example, in medical reports, when you see the diagnosis of “ischemic area in the heart”, it is stated that a region of the heart is not getting enough blood. Ischemia of the heart muscle occurs in coronary heart disease. Coronary heart disease is a type of heart disease that occurs as a result of narrowing and/or occlusion of the coronary vessels, which are the vessels that feed the heart, with a disease called atherosclerosis. It is a serious disease that causes heart attacks, heart failure and sudden death and is one of the leading causes of death in our country and in the world.

In coronary heart disease, stenosis in the heart vessels disrupts the blood supply of the heart muscle,
It causes some parts of it not to get enough blood. Especially fast walking, uphill stairs
blood flow in the heart during exertions that require the heart to work excessively, such as lifting weights or carrying weights.
scarcity occurs. This condition manifests itself with pain in the chest area. chest during exertion
Compression and compression, usually spreading to the left shoulder and arm, and sometimes to the back,
Pain that goes away with stopping is the most important cause of blood supply deficiency and coronary heart disease.
is the harbinger. And, it is a warning to the person with pain, “Your heart is struggling, go to the doctor quickly”. But not everyone is lucky enough to receive such warnings. Sometimes, although there is severe blood supply deficiency in the heart, that is ischemia, the person may not have any pain or complaints, even with heavy exertion. Thus, one cannot be aware of coronary heart disease. However, ischemia in the heart is a condition that predisposes to serious and fatal arrhythmias, namely sudden death. Coronary heart disease is silent, especially in those with diabetes, and may occur with a heart attack and sudden death one day.

How can we protect ourselves from the danger of silent ischemia?

People who are at risk of atherosclerosis and coronary heart disease should take precautions first.
Who are these people at risk?
– Those with a genetic predisposition, that is, in the family, such as mother, father, sibling, in the first degree
relatives, at an early age, coronary heart disease, stent, bypass surgery, heart attack,
those with a history of heart failure and sudden death,
Those with diabetes, high blood pressure, high blood lipids,
– Those who have smoking and similar harmful habits and cannot quit,
– Those who cannot exercise regularly and have a stressful life.

Starting from the age of 30, people with these risks should undergo cardiological examinations and tests.
must pass. The simplest test is the exercise test to be performed under the supervision of a doctor. walking speed
During the increased effort test, the patient did not feel any chest pain, while the ECG was continuously monitored.
A diagnosis of “silent ischemia” is made with the appearance of signs of ischemia. Afterwards, the necessary
examinations and appropriate treatment are determined.

Although ischemia is not detected in the exertion test, people with the above risks should be consulted by their doctors.
It would be appropriate for him to have these checks done at intervals to be determined.
Of course, the most effective prevention is the risks that a person can change by complying with healthy living conditions.
is the fix. In other words, regular exercise, healthy and weight-free diet, smoking and other
quitting harmful habits, learning ways to cope with stress, sugar, cholesterol and blood pressure
if there is a height, keeping them under control with regular medications, the most effective and cheapest
is a way of protection.
How is silent ischemia diagnosed?
Although the patient did not have any complaints, the ECG in the exercise test suggested ischemia.
The appearance of changes suggests the presence of non-cissic ischemia. Myocardial perfusion scintigraphy
Detection of areas with low blood supply in the heart (medicated exertion test) indicates the presence of silent ischemia.
evidence. With coronary angiography, the diameter of the vessels and the degree of stenosis in which vessels
it is detected.
How is silent ischemia treated?
In the vessels, stenoses that narrow the vessel diameters more than 70% are detected and the vessels are stented.
If it is suitable for expansion or bypass surgery, these treatments are applied. The veins are very thin (2
mm) and vascular stenosis is very common, these treatments cannot be applied. Then with EECP
Natural Bypass treatment is the only treatment that can be applied.

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