Is Quality Life Possible with Heart Failure?

Heart failure, as a result of the decrease in the contractile power of the heart, is the need for tissues and organs.
a condition in which it cannot pump large volumes of blood. In the advanced stage of any type of heart disease
arises. After the onset of heart failure, the symptoms decrease and increase for years.

As a misconception, heart failure, heart attack, cardiac arrest or about to stop.
considered a condition. This is not true. heart failure, heart failure
continues, but the force of contraction and therefore the power of pumping blood decreases.
is the case. Every time the heart contracts, it still pumps blood to the organs, but the body
It cannot send the amount of blood that its organs need. Eventually, the work of the organs is disrupted.
Accumulation of blood in the lung area, fluid accumulation occurs throughout the body. Complaints about these results
impairs the patient’s quality of life. Years after onset of heart failure, complaints
increase or decrease, life can continue.
Heart failure is a condition that occurs in the advanced stage of any type of heart disease.
It can also be caused by non-cardiac causes, such as anemia and thyroid diseases, heart failure.
can develop. Today, the most common cause of heart failure is the blood supply of the heart.
contraction of the heart with heart attacks that occur as a result of sudden occlusion of the coronary vessels
is a decrease in power.

The first and most common symptom of heart failure is shortness of breath. Cause of blood in the lungs
is aggregation. When heart failure is mild, climbing stairs and walking can be achieved by running.
When heart failure progresses, there is also shortness of breath at rest. The patient cannot lie down at all.
Even if he goes to bed, he has to get up and sit down with extreme shortness of breath and a feeling of suffocation.
When heart failure progresses, the kidneys’ excretion of water from the body is disrupted. fluid accumulation in the body
starts. There is swelling starting from the feet, legs, sometimes up to the groin area. finger
When pressed, a hollow is formed. The abdomen swells. Weight increases. There is extreme fatigue.
How is treatment and quality of life possible in heart failure?
First, the cause of heart failure should be identified and, if possible, corrected.
For example, anemia, thyroid disease, heart failure when excessive blood pressure is corrected
it can be fixed.

If the cause of heart failure is coronary heart disease and a previous heart attack, first of all, new
Treatments should be administered to prevent a heart attack.
To a patient with heart failure, it is given to a patient with heart contractions, through the kidneys through the urinary tract.
by giving drugs that provide fluid excretion, dilate the vessels, slow the heart rate,
symptoms can be reduced.

In the treatment of heart failure, it is very comforting to the patients, increasing the quality of life and long
The treatment that provides long-term healing is Natural Bypass treatment with EECP. body from waist down
This treatment, which is applied in the form of a massage compatible with the heart rhythm, helps the incompetent heart from outside the body.
provides support. Thus, it increases the blood supply of tissues and organs. Moreover,
contraction of the heart by widening the blood vessels and increasing the blood supply to the heart.
strengthens. By increasing the blood supply of the kidney, the excess fluid collected in the body is removed from the urine.

as discarded. One of the most important effects is the natural stem cell activity.
by increasing the regeneration of destroyed cells. With this effect, in the long run, the cabin
increases the force of contraction.
Patients diagnosed with heart failure should be treated with certain
With the Natural Bypass treatment cures with EECP that they will take at intervals, they will live their lives actively and without complaints.
they can somehow continue.

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