Is Our Psychology Ready To Return To Normal?

We are going through a pandemic period that affects not only our country but also the world. In this period when we are struggling with the coronavirus, we all stayed at home for a long time if possible, experiencing the limitations and concerns of this period. While we are leaving behind a period of about three months these days, we have started to return to our normal life again. Of course, some differences await us in the process of returning to normal life compared to the past. Behaviors such as paying attention to social distance, using masks, and complying with hygiene rules are added to our normal lives as new normals.

‘What does the new normal mean?’, ‘How long will it last?’, ‘Will we be able to return to our old normal?’ Questions like these occupy our minds. We can define the new normal in its simplest form as the changes that contain the rules that will enable us to overcome the past pandemic process with the least damage, but that will allow us to live our normal life and maintain our social life. Although how long the virus will last is still a matter of debate by experts, we can predict that it will last until the cure is found. Until then, we should know that if we live the new normal in the healthiest way and take care to fulfill our responsibilities for ourselves, our loved ones and our society, we can return to our old normal one day. Of course, there will be points that this process leaves us and added to our routine, that every day adds changes to us and our lives, even if we don’t realize it. When we look at it from this point of view, there will certainly be innovations left by us in this process.

So, are we psychologically ready for this process? How does the normalization process, the definition of ‘new normal’ make us feel?

On the one hand, it was good for us to be able to leave our homes at the end of a period of about three months, that people who work from home are now returning to their work environments, and being able to get together with our families, friends and loved ones, even if by following social distance. However, there is a point here, even though we were bored of staying in our homes and wanted to reunite with our loved ones, returning to our old routines with the rules of the new normal, being limited, having an ongoing pandemic process and not knowing when it will end is a situation that can still cause anxiety for many of us. At this point, we should not forget that as long as we follow the rules of the new normal, it is often stated by experts that there is nothing that will cause us to hesitate to return to our normal life.

At this point, we have responsibilities to take, and as long as we take these responsibilities, we can protect our own health, the health of our loved ones, and the health of the community. Maybe these new rules can bore us when we go back to our routine, make us feel that we can’t go back to the old one completely, increase our anxiety and anxiety levels, but at this point, there is a point that we should not forget that one day this disease will be cured. The thing is to follow the rules.

What we need to think about before we grapple with our anxieties and burden ourselves with our worries is that we know the preventive points even though we can’t find a solution right now; The protection of the rules we follow is our most important point here, knowing that we can protect ourselves and the public health if we follow it should be a point of comfort for us.

Only in this process, we see that there are people who follow the rules of the new normal, as well as those who stretch and even do not comply. These are people who can say ‘Nothing will happen to me’, ‘Whatever happens’ or ‘This virus thing is overrated, a lot of people are dying for other reasons’, and in the process, both the authorities and those who try to return to their normal lives by following the rules. they insert. In this process, the efforts of the necessary authorities are certainly important, but now it is our most important point for each individual to ensure their own self-control in terms of complying with the rules. As a society, we have always had responsibilities towards each other, but these responsibilities have increased in the process. If the rules to be followed are not followed, we do not only endanger our own health. In other words, every rule that we do not follow also has a social effect. Unfortunately, these people can have a negative effect both at the point of the spread of the virus and at the point of people’s anxiety while adapting to their social lives again.

People who do not follow the rules need to be more careful in considering a virus that has taken over the world and still seems dangerous with its increasing and death rates. Yes, we are going through a difficult and uncertain period. We were bored and psychologically affected during the months we stayed at home. Now we want to switch to our old order without the rules of the new normal, but we need to be a little more patient while the process is still going on. Realizing that these people are putting themselves and public health at risk by ignoring the virus and its effects, they need to be more controlled in complying with the rules. In order not to experience an attack period that will cause us to stay at home again, we need to follow the rules of the new normal socially. It is the human duty of every individual to act knowing that when we do not follow the rules, not only ourselves will be affected, but that we will affect the familiar and unfamiliar people around us by spreading the virus.

The difficulty of the process we live in, the fact that we have been staying at home for a long time, walking on a road with an unknown end can of course be worrisome and psychologically tiring, but stretching at the point of precautions, thinking that nothing will happen or thinking that it is exaggerated is the right situation for our own health and public health in this process. not. At this point, it is our prerequisite for healthier days to move forward by paying more attention to the situation and to continue without bending or skipping the rules.

We live in times when we have to get used to adapting to our normal life with the rules of the new normal, not forgetting that staying at home all the time wears us out psychologically. Even though we are all connected to each other in this process, as long as we take our individual precautions, we have to warn when there are people who do not follow the rules around us, and if our warnings are not effective, we have to move away from the environment as possible or by making our complaints to the necessary authorities. Our first priority is to follow the rules individually. As long as we follow the rules, it will be easier for us to pass the process in a healthy way both physically and mentally.

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