Is Our Emotion Anxiety Or Fear?

From time to time, we can confuse the concepts of anxiety and fear in our daily lives. These two concepts have different definitions as well as common aspects. Both emotions are emotional reactions developed against an impending danger, and both emotions have some accompanying bodily symptoms (For example, muscle tension in the neck and shoulder region, sleep disorders, frequent urination, sweating, constantly cold and wet palms, increased heart rate, heart palpitations, etc.). When we look at the difference between these two emotions, fear is experienced against a situation that is considered dangerous by everyone; Anxiety is an emotion produced by the person himself. Most anxious people often find their worrying absurd and meaningless, but they can’t help but worry. For example; After leaving the house, people may not remember whether they have turned off the TV and may want to go home and check, and it is a normal reaction to go back and check, but if they still have anxiety about this situation while they are outside after returning and checking, the situation becomes different. Anxious people often think negatively about events and have disaster scenarios in their minds.

These anxious states of people are mostly related to their childhood experiences. If he grows up with anxious, hectic and apprehensive parents or their relatives as a child, this situation continues to affect him in adulthood.

It is not possible to end anxiety or reduce it to zero. Because anxiety is an emotion that makes us exist somewhere in life. It is an emotion that helps us in the face of some dangers, but it is also an emotion that limits our lives when we cannot control anxiety. Some people develop various avoidance behaviors in order to get rid of or reduce their anxiety. Sometimes he avoids going into environments where he may experience anxiety or organizes his life according to the anxious situations he experiences. Sometimes he tries to keep anxiety away from his mind. For example; may act as if nothing has happened in the face of a negative situation. He tries to convince himself of this situation. He tries to suppress his anxiety by avoiding facing the facts. Some people use alcohol or drugs to avoid feelings of anxiety.

No matter how it is experienced, anxiety and accompanying emotions become difficult to bear when they are combined with anxieties from childhood. The important thing is to be able to face your concerns. To avoid your anxiety or to avoid feeling the anxiety, doing various behaviors that will not bring any benefit, on the contrary, may cause harm will not save you from the troubled situation you are in. In order to face anxiety and keep it under your control, you should give yourself a chance, as soon as you give up or give up, you can start experiencing the same troublesome processes again.

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