Is laser hair removal safe?

Getting rid of unwanted hair has been a matter of curiosity since ancient times. Laser hair removal has become very effective, reliable, and comfortable, especially in recent years, with great developments in devices. The basic mechanism is to send the laser light to the hair follicle. Since dark pigment absorbs light best, the effect is best on dark hair with the effect of thermal damage and mechanical trauma. With the cooling system in laser systems, the hair follicle is destroyed without damaging the intact skin.

It is very important that the device is reliable in laser epilation, the dosage is determined by the dermatologist according to the skin and hair structure of the person, and the physician’s recommendations are followed before and after the procedure. Otherwise, some side effects may develop on your skin. It is very important to have a specialist doctor who will solve the complication that may occur in the center where you have epilation, because although everything is taken care of, there may be reactions that vary from person to person, it is therefore important to perform this procedure under the supervision of a physician who will resolve this situation.

The process is done by making the area to be epilated suitable and then combing the hair at the determined dose with the device. This time varies with the density of the hairs, the size of the area to be combed, and the speed of the device. It is planned in sessions with 1-1.5 month intervals according to the region.

Anyone with good hair structure and hormonal development can have this procedure. Since hormonal problems will reduce the effectiveness, your doctor may refer you to the endocrine department.

Dark brown and black, thick hairs benefit the most from laser treatment, while light-colored thin hairs have low or no success.

Although there is no significant side effect of laser light during pregnancy, it should not be done because there are many scientific studies on this subject.

As a result, laser epilation is a very reliable and effective method when it is done with an approved device, under the supervision of a physician, in the appropriate dose for your skin and hair structure.

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