Is It Possible to Stop Time?

As time passes, more changes occur in our face than in other body parts. These changes manifest themselves as wrinkles around the eyes and on the forehead towards the end of the 20s. Since the mimic muscles are in a very close relationship with the skin, the mimics that occur after the contraction of the muscles also cause wrinkles on the skin. The wrinkles that occur on the skin after the use of mimics tend to deepen over time and become permanent. Wrinkles first appear as crow’s feet lines around the eyes, lines between the two eyebrows and on the forehead. This situation increases gradually with the age of 30 and over time it also occurs in other parts of the face and neck. Many factors affect the degree of wrinkles, such as skin quality, genetics, alcohol and cigarette consumption, or a stressful life. However, the less mimics are used, the less wrinkles will be. It is possible to slow down and stop this process with early intervention. One of our most important helpers here is botulinum toxin applications. Botulinum toxin, also known as botox, is a neurotoxin obtained by a special kind of bacteria. It reversibly stops the contraction of the muscle by acting on the nerve-muscle junction. The immobility of the mimic muscles ensures that the wrinkles on the face do not form and the existing ones disappear. It also creates a reduction in wrinkles independent of movement. In repetitive applications, there will be more wrinkles and facial aging over time. Of course, it is not possible to stop time, but it is possible to stop the effects of time on our face. Botox is also used in the treatment of rabbit lines on the back of the nose, in people whose gums appear while smiling (gummy smile), in the treatment of neck lines and bands, the corners of the mouth being lifted up when it is applied to the corner of the mouth, obtaining a happy facial expression appearance. In addition, botox applied to the chewing muscle in patients with teeth grinding or jaw clenching significantly improves the quality of life; In addition, with the massater application, it is possible to obtain a triangular face view from a square face view. Another use of Botox is sweating treatment. It provides serious benefits for people with excessive sweating in the armpits, palms and soles. My application is made from many areas with very small needles of 4mm on average. Botox applications are a relatively painless procedure. There are no known serious side effects, except for the possibility of allergy.

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