Our face loses a significant amount of volume as we age. The loss of volume in the aging face occurs very slowly and very regularly in all parts of the face. This change is so slow and silent; You may miss it in the mirror you look at every morning, but when you look at the photos from 15 years ago, you will instantly see the difference in volume with today.

One of the strategies for approaching the aging face is to replace this loss of volume.

So what is the place of fillers in volume enhancement?

The main problem with ready-made hyaluronic acid preparations and the like, known as “fillers” in the society, is the effect-cost ratio.

Typically, the volume loss that needs to be supplemented on the face of a woman who has reached the age of 45 is around 10-20 cc, and at the age of 55 this amount rises to 30-50 cc.

When you look at the patient samples launched by the manufacturers on their own web platforms, the amounts they use per patient vary between 4-8 cc in order to achieve a visible difference.

When you reduce the amount, this time, the person becomes unable to see the changes due to the application in the mirror.

It is very important to be able to distribute the filler smoothly into the tissue in high volume filling applications. The filler should be distributed so well that one part of the face should not appear more voluminous than other areas. The most important rule of preventing artificial results is to distribute the filling to the tissue well.

So how do we distribute it? By distributing the same volume over many needle passes instead of delivering high volume in a single needle. This means increased edema and bruising in many needle passes. In other words, the process is not like coming to work at noon.

I tell my patients that I will apply filler for facial rejuvenation that they will definitely need a recovery period of 3-4 days, and at the end of this period, they will need a 3-4 day make-up and camouflage phase. On the 14th day of the procedure, we have a control examination for retouching.

A very important point; the necessity that the changes due to gravity have not yet occurred on the face of the patients who will only be filled with fillers. The face will not sag. Because you can’t fix the sagging by filling it.

Another important point is that the candidate patients know that there will be no significant change after the application. If everyone around you notices the change in your face at first glance after filling applications, this indicates that the naturalness limit has been exceeded in this application. Ideally, you should be able to see slight differences between before and after the procedure in standardized photographs, your relatives should be able to feel that there is something different about you, but they should not be able to fully understand or express what it is.

In summary, you can be a good candidate for filling applications for rejuvenation, if the changes due to gravity have not yet occurred on your face, the cost of high volumes and annual repetitions are suitable for your budget, if you are satisfied with light bruises that last for 3-4 days, and if the minimal changes and nuance differences that the application will create match your goals.

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