Is It Possible to Prevent Breast Cancer?

In order to be protected from breast cancer, we need to know the situations that increase the risk of breast cancer and take precautions accordingly:

1- Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women.

Being a woman is the biggest risk.

Estrogen hormone: female hormone is the reason for this.

Avoiding situations that increase estrogen and not using external estrogen-containing drugs unless necessary.

2- Avoiding obesity

Gaining weight increases the risk of breast cancer.

Postmenopausal obesity (BMI > 30) increases the risk of breast cancer by approximately 30%.

3- Questioning the Family History

Family History • It is present in 15% of patients.

Cancer history should be asked on both the parents’ side.

4-Doing sports regularly

Physical activity reduces the risk of breast cancer.

Walking briskly for 1.25-2.5 hours a week reduces the risk of breast cancer by 18%.

NOTE: Regular physical activity removes the negative pressure of even family history. Sport is very important!

5- Monitor your vitamin D levels closely.

Vitamin D deficiency increases the risk of breast cancer by lowering the body’s resistance.

Excess vitamin D is just as dangerous as a deficiency.

It should be taken as a supplement, if necessary, under the control of a doctor, by monitoring its levels and close to the upper limit.

6- night sleep: Melatonin is important

Melatonin, a hormone secreted at night in the dark, increases the body’s defense against all cancers and infections, including breast cancer.

It is beneficial to take it as a supplement, especially for women who have night shifts.

7-Reduce alcohol consumption

Alcohol • Drinking 2-5 measures* of alcohol per day increases the risk of breast cancer 1.5 times.

The greater the amount consumed, the greater the risk.

The mother’s use of alcohol during pregnancy can increase the risk of breast cancer in the baby.

8-Stay away from smoking

Exposure to tobacco and its products, smoking and exposure to secondhand smoke increase the risk of developing many cancers, including breast cancer.

9- Female hormone: Avoid medications containing estrogen as much as possible.

Estrogen exposure, the main cause of breast cancer, can also affect progesterone.

10- Let’s stay away from chemical products like paraben

They are spoilage and mold inhibitors that are unfortunately still used in the cosmetics and food industries.

It has been shown to significantly increase the risk of breast cancer.

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