Is it over now, or how long do we endure?

The pandemic that covered the entire planet has dragged us all into stress, anxiety, fear and bewilderment. Some of us lost relatives, some of our family members got sick, some of us’ relatives were hospitalized, most of us were in intensive care for days. In short, the process affected us all. Our basketball and football teams also got sick, including athletes.

So what actually happened? How the Corona virus has devastated the world. Are there any new findings emerging as the month of May ends? I would like to answer as a physician and as an employee of a pandemic hospital such as Liv Hospital. I had conversations with my microbiologist, infectious diseases specialist and virologist friends in the light of scientific publications and many data. I think the virus is not natural. It will be revealed at the end of the process that it is a virus that has gone out of control in the laboratory environment due to its structure, virulence (infectiousness) and its character that attacks many parts of our body. The virus, whose mortality (fatality) is 6% (2.3% in Turkey), but when we consider many undiagnosed asymptomatic (non-symptomatic) cases, has created a global fear and panic because the virus, which has a lethality of less than 1%, is easily transmitted by close contact and droplets. . Although it is said that countries will end their health systems, this has not been the case except for a few regions in Italy and Spain. Readers may be attributing this to drastic measures. But I was exposed to a heavy virus load for 3 months, me and hundreds of my colleagues did not have any problems by protecting our immune systems as time passed. Only 1% of our classmates from Istanbul medical faculty were positive and they recovered in a short time and returned to their work. Then you say, why did we lose a certain number of our colleagues, especially Cemil Taşçıoğlu, who was also my teacher? At this point, I want to say something new. When artificial viruses first appeared, they attacked the hosts (weak immunity (immunity)) harder. They also took advantage of our weak treatment and containment practices (for the whole world), and caused us incurable pain. Take as much precautions as you want, you will definitely encounter the virus that you can find so easily. I mean, the strength and mortality of Covid19 has decreased now. Precautions and social awareness also played a role, no doubt! We as physicians have also increased their experience and knowledge. But I can say that Corona, which I think is the main factor artificial, has begun to mutate, albeit to a limited extent. We are discussing this with scientific publications and results. Studies on the post-mutation state of artificial viruses are almost non-existent.

Now, right at the beginning of summer, I suggest that we relax psychologically and mentally. But never get complacent and relaxed… Since we don’t know what’s wrong with the virus after a long process or mutation, let’s wait without fear or worry. I think that if we can isolate those whose immune system is a problem, we do not pose a risk to each other. But those who have weak immunity and do not know this pose a problem. Do not delay your health problems anymore! Go to hospitals and your doctors. Trust them. Certain hospitals will become pandemic hospitals and others will remain clean (also for private and public hospitals). Question your hidden immune vulnerabilities. I anticipate that from mid-July we will be able to move on to phase three. You can also go on vacation. Thanks to its strong dynamics, our country (as a physician who has been intertwined with the wide spectrum of society for years) will easily get out of the crisis and even go to an advantageous position.

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