Is It Our Stomach Or Our Emotions That Are Hungry?

Emotional hunger is a nutritional disorder. Do you remember going to the fridge just because you were bored? Or do you sometimes reward yourself with a nice meal after a busy day? Sometimes our emotions give us hunger signals that our stomach does not give us. This sudden eating situation, which occurs as a result of many emotional changes, can be described as emotional hunger.

Is it possible to cope with emotional hunger?

The first thing we need to do in order to prevent emotional hunger is to know ourselves. Knowing what is the emotion that pushes us to eat even though we are not hungry helps us cope with this situation. Some of my clients say they eat because they are bored; While these feelings are experienced, the foods that are generally preferred are fatty and sugary foods.

First of all, be aware! Because awareness feeds our emotions.

When we feel that something is missing in our life, instead of heading to the refrigerator for temporary pleasure, find new and long-term activities for ourselves. Realize that this will make you more happy.

Don’t let the situations where your heart is empty and make us depressed affect your stomach. Take good care of him. Love your stomach as much as you love your heart.

Don’t say that sugary things make me happy. Exercising triggers the production of serotonin, the happiness hormone. See for yourself how a brisk walk for 45 minutes gives you pleasure.

Do not keep unhealthy snacks at home that you believe make you happy. No chocolate cake or a hamburger with gravy can bring us long-term happiness. Hang little notes on your refrigerator.

Know that you are actually punishing yourself by consuming unhealthy foods to feel happy. Because none of our stomachs are garbage. Take care of your stomach as beautiful as your heart..

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