Is it our partner who doesn’t feel safe or us who doesn’t feel safe?

Love is one of the universal situations common to all languages, races and cultures. This much
While it’s extensive, why does everyone have a gravitational pull towards different people? In love
Is it our heart, our brain, what we learn and what determines who we are or will become?
our experience? Do we fall in love at first sight or do we first establish a bond of love and then fall in love?
are we converting? Do we decide with our logic or our emotions? by gender
Or do we fall in love based on their thoughts?
There are actually many topics and questions like this. Of course, love is affected by all.
Our choices act as a mirror that reflects what is in us and what is not.
In line with our unmet needs, this time to meet new people again.
We include it in our lives. So how do these new people continue to exist in our lives?
Do we make the decision to remove it from our lives or to remove it from our lives?
We start life by learning the first bond of love in the family. Whether this love is safe or insecure
However, it will be a great help in forming a familiar structure and shaping our search points.
gets the role.
The style of love we face now is the love of our parents we have experienced before.
We can feel insecure about our partner because it doesn’t look like his style. At this point, if
If the love we know, learned at home, is safe, it will be the same with our partner.
we hope. This is how we frame our relationship. If our expectation is not fulfilled
we will be disappointed.
If we have experienced an insecure love style, the people we take into our lives will repeat the same cycle.
There will be people to repeat. Because our search will serve this purpose.
Is it our partner who doesn’t feel safe or us who doesn’t feel safe? or that’s it
Why do we continue to keep someone who does not feel safe despite our complaints?
we do? Otherwise, this feeling is not about our partner, but the one that introduces us to first love insecurely.
Could it belong to people?
In fact, it’s not the person we’re with, we make it happen. First in our own reflection,
Seeing ourselves also helps to break the wrong cycle in choosing a partner.
will be.

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