Is it harmful to have teeth cleaned?

You’ve heard of tartar cleaning, you know, your teeth don’t have stains either. You’re turning the subject upside down in your head to see if I should clean my teeth. When you consulted someone you know, love, or whose opinion you trust, you received one of the answers below.

-Ayy, don’t clean it, your teeth hurt so much, hot cold will disgrace your life,

-Once you get your teeth cleaned, you get used to it, you always have to clean it.

-Never clean your teeth, even when brushing the teeth, it bleeds, then the blood takes the body,

– Oh, don’t get your teeth cleaned, your enamel will wear off,

Don’t worry, if you clean your teeth, your teeth will rot,

Now what’s the truth about you? You said you should look at the internet. If the process worked like this, your question is “Is it harmful to have teeth cleaned?” That means you’re reading the right thing.

First, forget about the dentist, forget about your teeth. Let’s start with a very simple problem in our daily life. Toilets!! Yes, you got it right. Our topic is a new clean public toilet. In a place with plenty of inflows and outflows, brand new and squeaky clean. Toilet papers, hand disinfectants, hygiene blocks in the reservoirs, soaps, everything is perfect. But there is a problem & there is no staff to clean it. But it’s a dream, everyone will follow the hygiene rules And soap and stuff will never end. Can you still enter this toilet with peace of mind after 6 months? Wouldn’t you say that if someone came to you, they would clean it thoroughly, disinfect it, open the clogged sink, clean the bottom of the walls, the door handles, etc.?

Teeth cleaning is exactly that! It is spring cleaning that is added to your daily cleaning with a brush and paste. It is a professional cleaning of deep and secluded corners, well-settled or even stuck dirt that you cannot reach with a brush. It is ideal to be done twice a year, just like spring cleaning. Stones that are not cleaned will harm you. These stones are like a splinter that sinks into your finger, and unless you clean them, they get bigger, eventually they try to make room for themselves by pushing the gums. And it is unfortunate that gingival recession is irreversible, just like your gums are removed when the nails are eaten. After the tartars are cleaned after this point, your teeth will be sensitive because you do not have a gum covering your tooth surface. If this sensitivity is less, your teeth will repair themselves after a while. decreases with it.

Once your teeth are cleaned, you will be able to notice the difference between clean and dirty. While this is the case, your stained teeth bother you, and you feel the need to have them cleaned again as your awareness increases.

If you have bleeding in your gums, it will heal in a short time with the removal of sunken stones such as splinters in your teeth and if you pay attention to your oral hygiene, the bleeding will completely pass.

Tartar cleaning done by a professional will not scratch your enamel or damage your teeth. On the contrary, it massages your gums and accelerates blood circulation.

While your teeth are being cleaned, your dentist sees all the surfaces of your teeth and thus, if there is a caries in the interface or in areas that are not easily accessible, your doctor will easily know about it. As you can see, caries will not appear on the cleaned tooth, on the contrary, troublesome conditions that you can only discover when it hurts can be caught and treated early. has the possibility to know.

So the mythical fears about calculus removal are a huge health gap between you and your teeth…

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