Is it all about sex?

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Sexuality has a very important place not only in human life, but also socially. Have you ever thought from whom we get general information about sexuality? We need to get this information from our parents during childhood. But when you ask adults, they’ll say they remember most of them getting it from close friends of the same age, not from their families. So where did close friends get this information from? For the most part, it can be said that this information is not true and unrealistic, but simply interesting. Unfortunately, sexuality is still seen as a shame, sin, prohibition and taboo in society. In this direction, the inability to reach real and correct information about sexuality causes many problems related to sexuality.

However, to teach realistic, age-appropriate sexual information, to teach that sexuality is not shameful, and that what is wanted to be gained is privacy. It will also ensure that it can be used without creating associations. In addition, the fact that women are not raped, early marriages are prevented, girls are killed because they are not virgins, men are mocked for their sexual inadequacies will also be effective in reducing the number of children whose parents are children. Sexuality is a necessary prerequisite for the continuation of the human race. The fulfillment of this pre-condition is only possible when people have sexual intercourse. However, ensuring the continuity of sexuality and lineage is not an easy phenomenon. Continuity of lineage and sexuality have both internal compatibility and social dimension. Most of the choices in human life take place in the circle of pleasure or reproduction. Consciousness often does not want to accept this fact. Because the ego takes pleasure in secrecy. The idea that sexuality is a goal destroys the magic of sexuality and removes the pleasure to be taken. Most of the people marry for the sake of having children, that is, for sex, they have children, they love their children and take care of them. After a certain age, it is seen that they leave certain values ​​and only take care of their families, think about the future of their children and try to plan. At this point, if we come to the answer to the question, if life has a basic purpose, it will be possible to say that this purpose passes through sexuality.

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