He knows that implant treatment is now a current salvage treatment, but some of our patients
When we say implant, the answer we hear is: ‘So are you going to drive a screw into my mouth?’ :). Especially one
It is more difficult for us to overcome the fears of our patients who have watched blood-revan implant videos on the internet.
it can be too. So, is the implant such a frightening and painful procedure? Your answer is no
The future is clear, but implant construction is simply the reverse process of tooth extraction. So when pulling the female
Just as we take the tooth out of the bone, we put the implant in the bone while making the implant. your tooth
There are at least 5 types of continuous fibers holding the root with a bidet tooth in its nest in the root.
In other words, removing the tooth from its natural nest in the bone is actually more convenient in terms of the physical environment.
a compelling process. In our country, it is stated that every individual has at least 1-2 tooth extraction experience.
If we think about it, you are actually already familiar with this process. Tooth made under suitable conditions
You didn’t even feel it because your mouth went numb in the shot, you think of the implant. It’s short-lived
into the bargain. On average, it takes 15 minutes to put an implant in the mouth.

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