Is Every Clinical Psychologist a Psychotherapist?

Let’s take a look at the content of the titles of Clinical Psychologist and Psychotherapist…

The title of Clinical Psychologist is the level of scientific proficiency that expresses the expertise in the clinical field of psychology. After four years of psychology education, the person is entitled to receive the title of Clinical Psychologist as a result of two years of clinical psychology training under the title of master’s degree.

The title of psychotherapist, on the other hand, is given to specialists or psychiatrists who are medical graduates, who have received training in therapy techniques to be applied during the sessions, have undergone supervision, have received a 4-year psychology education and then completed a two-year clinical master’s degree, in addition to mastering the clinical applications of psychology.

In this case, it cannot be said that every clinical psychologist is competent to practice psychotherapy. In this respect, I think it would be the most natural right of the clients to question the competence of the person who provides the service they receive, because in our country, a unit that will carry out this audit does not work in the field of psychology, which does not have a professional law.

For this reason, there are many abuses in the execution of this sublime profession, which is important to me. Being deprived of legal restrictions and protections in a profession brings along legal gaps, and unfortunately, these gaps are filled unethically by people who do not have qualifications in our country, ignoring human health; So much so that these eyes saw people who did not have a basic psychology education, who graduated from PDR, sociology and even business, accounting, after two years of clinical psychology master’s degree, while browsing channel by channel and receiving clients as my psychotherapist,,,

Especially in this chaotic and difficult pandemic period that humanity is going through, the mental health of the society should be a priority that should be addressed and rehabilitated, and it does not make any sense for individuals to be deprived of this service.

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