Cholesterol is not the most important factor that initiates atherosclerosis. What is dangerous is the unhealthy lifestyle that can turn cholesterol into harmful form.

By analogy, cholesterol is just a kind of fat that circulates in the veins and is necessary for our body. This oil will only harm you if you ignite a spark there. So cholesterol is not responsible for everything. Before preventing atherosclerosis, we must be careful not to damage the inner surface of the vessel, not the cholesterol.

The biggest causes of atherosclerosis are diabetes, hypertension, cholesterol and smoking, which are the classic causes of atherosclerosis. So what is the root cause of this? Here, the World Health Organization looks at the factors that disrupt the inner surface of the vessels by causing high sugar, hypertension and cholesterol as the causes that lead to the causes. So what causes diabetes, blood pressure, overweight. we need to look at it

In cardiovascular diseases, the business turns around and comes to our lifestyle.
Cholesterol is an indicator here. We do not see cholesterol as completely innocent in this regard, but we should not hold ourselves responsible for everything. If we see cholesterol alone as the cause, we will have applied very incomplete treatment.

I should point out that there are individual differences in who cholesterol is important to. While cholesterol is important in some patients, it is not important in others. Because there are patient groups in which cholesterol is the main factor and it is not.

For example, there are familial high cholesterol levels. The only characteristic of these families is that, due to high cholesterol, the father, siblings and first-degree relatives have a heart attack in their twenties and thirties at a young age. If no action is taken, most of them die from a heart attack before they reach the age of 40. When you examine these families, the most striking finding is very high cholesterol. (values ​​of 400 -500) so you can see it easily. This shows that cholesterol is not completely innocent.

Cholesterol level is an average indicator of our genetics and lifestyle.
An observation made on this subject shows us how important the lifestyle is. One of the people with the lowest cholesterol levels in the world is the Masai tribe living in Kenya. They are a gathering tribe. They only have one type of wild cattle in the name of livestock activity. They obtain most of their animal fat and protein from these animals. Their cattle’s milk is much fatter than ours. Although they consume plenty of these milks, the total cholesterol values ​​of these people when measured in their natural environment 120-130 mg/dlis around.

What happens when some of the Masai move to Kenya’s capital, Nairobi, and live a slightly more modern life?

That’s when cholesterol levels were observed to rise. Because movement decreases and it is easier for them to find food. Cholesterol levels were found to increase significantly in those who went a little further and moved from Kenya to Europe or America. This shows us how important lifestyle is as much as genetics.

Apart from that, although the Japanese eat a lot of fish, the rate of heart attack is not that low. The heart attack rate of Japanese emigrating from Japan to America is increasing. Even when comparing those who immigrated to America and continue their Japanese traditions and those who accept the American-style life, the difference emerges. It is observed that those who adopt the American lifestyle have more crises.

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