Is ByPass Possible Without Surgery?

“Bypass” is a word that has entered our language from English, and it includes “skip”, “skip through”, “ineffective”.
It means “to make” or “to ignore its existence”.
The word “bypass” is most commonly used in medicine, resulting from narrowing of the heart vessels.
In the definition of “Bypass Surgery” applied in the treatment of coronary heart disease
is used.

Bypass surgery is the operation of certain parts of the heart due to serious stenosis in the heart vessels.
It is applied when blood circulation is impaired. Sufficient blood with new vessels obtained from the body
blood flow is provided to the heart region that cannot receive blood. Meanwhile, at the site of the stenosis in the main coronary artery
stands still, but it doesn’t matter. Because the new vascular accesses, caused by that narrowing
corrects the negativity. In other words, the stenosis in the main vein has been bypassed.
For this reason, such surgeries are defined as “Bypass Surgery”.
It is also possible to “bypass” without surgery.

That is, without surgery and with the stenosis in the coronary vessels in place, the heart’s thin veins
It is possible to enrich the network and correct the blood supply disorder. Such an improvement
defined as “EECP” or “Rhythmic Massage” compatible with the heart rhythm, from the waist down of the body.
It can be achieved with 35-40 hours of treatment. A surgery or blood from the body
This result can be achieved only with a rhythmic massage, without applying a process that causes the flow of blood.
This treatment is also known as Non-Surgical “Natural Bypass” Treatment.
is defined.

Natural bypass therapy has beneficial effects other than creating natural bypasses in the heart.
It protects the vessels against arteriosclerosis and prevents the progression of minor stenosis.
With this effect, it slows down the rate of progression of arteriosclerosis, which is a progressive disease.
In addition, by increasing the natural stem cell activity in the body, it revitalizes the destroyed tissues.

However, those who find healing with Natural Bypass Therapy and do not have a chance to be treated with any other method.
patients are:
– Coronary vessels are thin and suitable for bypass surgery and stenting
unsuitable patients.
– Vascular disease is common and suitable for bypass surgery and stenting
– Re-narrowing vessels after bypass surgery and stenting
– Patients who have had heart attacks and have started heart failure.

Patients in the above-listed group suffer from chest pain, shortness of breath and other complaints.
They are patients who are condemned to live in agony. Natural Bypass treatment, this
patients’ complaints disappear and they can lead a physically active life without complaints.
It enables them to return to life and lead a quality life despite heart disease.

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